Something new.

Something new. I suppose.

HEYitsTAE: Gunz Ijji



EXP: 20%


SarangTAE: Global-Broa


MESO: 3 mil

FAME: 49

EXP: 32%

Well, I logged on Maple today to tell my friends that I’m going to be inactive for a while. I guess there are two reasons why I’m semi-quitting MapleStory. One reason (the main one) is that I finally got IJJI Gunz to finally work on this darned computer. Having to had to resort to International crappy Gunz for the past 2 years, I never really had a chance to explore the vast new material added into the game. I tried out the IJJI version of Gunz, and I must tell you this.

It is fantastic.

There are more legit people in this game than there was in International. When I kill someone by using a massive and reload-shooting, this is the usual reply I get in International Gunz.

Noob: noob lozl

I tried it out in IJJI, and I got this reply in return.

Guy: Nice shot. O:

I was never so happy in my life. Also, I got to try out a feature in IJJI Gunz that I couldn’t in International. Something called questing. You see, the general idea is that you team up with 3 members or less to take on a 4 stage journey to kill monsters. During these quests, you get items such as skulls and raw meat. You put these items in the sacrifice bin thingy in the game room, and then by doing that you get to verse a boss.

I versed a boss ONCE, and oh my god it was unbelievably hard. I DBFed for 10 minutes straight, and after having antagonizing carpel tunnel, I was forced to stop and look at the progress I got and how much damage the boss had received. My smile was quickly turned into a mouth getting ready to scream when I saw this:


X = Hp left.
x = Damage.

So, after punching the boss in the genitals in my imagination, I let the Boss kill me, and quickly exit the game. To my surprise, I find another type of game you could play in the menu. It’s something called “Duel”, where you watch a battle between 2 people, with their HP and AP displayed up on the corners of their respective screens. Apparently, the loser gets swapped out with the people in the waiting line. I did fairly good here. I won more than I lost, but not by a lot. I was starting to appreciate Gunz more.

OGM! W TF!!11 It turns out that you can actually make clan symbols here in IJJI gunz. There is actually a leaderboard for the best clans on the website, and you can see who’s in it, and go to their forum-boards. I was surprised, actually. International Gunz had no clan symbols, and they were basically a pointless thing, seeing that there was nothing to do once you were in it.

WHICH BRINGS ME to this topic. OGM DER AR CLAN WERS HERE!!11 I really wanna join one right now and participate in one, but no one wants to invite a level 3 noob. ;-; However, if you play IJJI Gunz, and you’re a Jr. or a Master in a clan, please invite me. I’m pro. F3

Soz. I told my friends that I would be going inactive in Maple for a while, and most of them were spamming me with questions. Look at picture #1 for more details. I was flattered by the comments I received by them. These are the best friends a guy could have on MapleStory. Some of them including in r/l.

I think that’ll be it for now. Remember, if you play IJJI Gunz, add me! (HEYitsTAE). I’m level 3 right now, so without a breaker in my possession, you’ll be getting easy kills off of me. Meh, whatevs. I’ll just DBF you to your death. (Brags insanely about my mad pro skills.)


14 thoughts on “Something new.”

  1. Lol, I love how you spam everything like 5 times in bl!
    Yeah, my friend plays that
    Uh good luck killing everyone?
    Lol, this is a horrible comment!

  2. I have Lightmagic22 on my Broa buddylist too. Ask if she knows WoahAaron.

  3. I want to face you.

    I haven’t played in months, but I usually get used to it again after the first game.

  4. Spade, which server d’you usually go on?

    Also, would making a MMOT GunZ clan be a good idea? DD

  5. Uh, Guosim, I don’t think so, seeing that only a few people play IJJI. D:

    But we could make a clan together though, if you want.

    We’ll call it, iGuo


  6. In quest, you use SMGs or revs. They do the most total damage after expending your entire clip.

  7. Okay that’s it. I’m gonna stalk your arse off as soon as possible. When do you go online?


  8. I play.

    Well, I only play when Rakion’s down. Sorry, Rakion is just better
    (Its hit counter actually works! It waits until the opponent receives the damage on his own computer, so if you ghost-hit him, you can tell because the hit counter didn’t show! And it isn’t as much of an issue anyway, because people move slower, so you can get away with not taking lag into account at all. Of course, arrows and everything else take time to travel, so you have to lead anyway. But hit counter aside, Rakion still is better. Try it.)

  9. Spade, I thought we agreed on MMOTales for the clan name. =P

    My IGN for GunZ is Pigoo, and I’m always on Quest 3. What about yours? o_o

  10. Btw Spade are you Korean?

    And you never said the second reason why you quit MS

  11. LOL you dbfed him 10 mins?!

    I would have killed his ebil minions, got as much ammo spawns as I could, then try to shoot it to death. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll dbf him.

    I’ve recently got hacked, but the UBER WEIRD THING IS. (Yes I’m as shocked as you are when I logged on) THE HACKER ACTUALLY GAVE MY CHARACTER PREMS! @@@@@ And I’m admin in my clan too!

    I’m getting very afraid.

  12. Ijji GunZ > International GunZ.
    My IGN is Forcefui, and I’m always in Quest 1.

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