Worst Day of Trickster yet… T___T;

*Sigh* . . . It finally happened . . . my first bad experience in trickster. It only happened an hour ago. Little mouse cursors trying to report me to the mods . . . FOR WHAT?! WHAT I ASK?! TT__TT None of these questions could be answered . . . not even by my own friend who was among the few reporting me . . .

My start to the day of my trickster outing went WONDERFUL! C: GREAT!! In fact, I gained 2 lvls and made 5k while training! I made 2 new friends who are outgoing and pretty cool to talk to. :p Heeheh, I even got to chat with my other friend who helped me out with a tough quest! ^^

yuppos, all of the wonderful things up there were certainly a great start to my day . . . but then . . .

*sigh* Sorry about the yelling above . . . ><; but really, the pros (or high lvls) were THAT mean to me. Ok, I might exaggerate it a little but it was a mean thing these “pros” were doing.

OK, I went adventuring into this little cave and discovered, not to my exact delight, that there was a boss area I could enter! =0 Of course being curious, I went into the portal and found these HUMONGOUS, lvl 55 hairy monkeys stampeding around the screen! D:<

Within seconds…I was DEAD! ; – ; My friend I’ll call “Billy” was at the boss area with some high lvls (he’s a high lvl too, just so you know). I don’t know why, but I guess I got depressed all of a sudden because lvling in trickster seemed like such a nightmare, right then and there.

So I asked Billy casually: Billy, do you think I’ll ever reach 2nd job…? Dx
Billy: No XD
Me: ahaaha, thanks for the support ><;
Billy: XD
Me: yeah, you don’t seem to care so I think I’ll quit and go play maplestory again :p
Me: NO IT DOESN’T @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (yeah, I know spamming’s annoying but trickster is such a silent game. It wouldn’t hurt to spam a little! ^^)

BOY, was I wrong with the above statement in the parentheses! .__. Turns out in the trickster rules, spamming isn’t allowed and it’s a bannable offense. WHAT?! D:< That’s the most idiotic, dumb, lilly-livered, grotesque, unspeakable rule I’ve ever heard of! >=O Ok…maybe it’s not the worst, but it’s pretty dumb… T__T

But yeah, after I spammed for 5 seconds, the high lvls said: report her
Me: (I’m thinking, ok what did I do wrong? ._.) reporting me for what…? x3
High lvls: for spamming
Me: uh, what’s wrong with spamming…? 😮
High lvls: it’s against the rules. don’t you know…? -.-
Me: I just rejoined trickster 1 week ago, I can’t remember all the rules! D:<
Billy [the evil “friend”]: lol, I’ve played for a year
Me: (who asked you, billy? T___T)
High lvls: Darn it, we can’t report her. she’s dead. can’t right click. [To view info on other chars, you right click on them, like maplestory.]
Billy: yeah, same here. I can’t report…
Me: (ooh my gosh, this is seriously annoying me…)
High lvls: lol, i bet trickster hates us by not letting us report her
Billly: lol, yeah XD
[Mind you, these high lvls aren’t Billy’s friends]

Ok, after that conversation above, I have up to had it with Billy and those annoying high lvls… T___T; so I left them there to kill hairy monkeys while I sat in town healing my hp… *sigh* I think I’ve lost all respect now for lvl 80’s in trickster. x[

Yeah, I really wanted to talk to one of my buddies about this dilemma but nearly no one was on and the people who were on were afk… the trickster community’s not that great in my opinion… TT__TT based on this experience that is.

ARGHH, well when my friend logs back in, I’m going to see if he says Hi to me. If he does, I’m going to give him the “I’m angry at you so don’t expect us to be talking anytime soon” talk. >__> I cannot believe the actions he did today. It was definitely not another person on his account for sure, because he wouldn’t have bothered to send me a message earlier saying “sup XD”.

*sigh* Easy come, easy go I suppose. Hopefully, things will get better and progress. Well, I thank you for reading my blog… I just really needed to vent out and get this off my chest. x[

The following images are the ones I meant to post in my previous blog~ ^^ I couldn’t include any screenshots of the conversation I had with Billy and the high lvls due to it getting pushed out by other chat. T___T I apologize for that. x[ Oooh, and I took your advice SilverFx on using image hosting sites! ^^ I chose photobucket, har har. :p

This is what the skills look like in trickster. Did you know you have to buy them? ; – ; AWW, my little bunny’s grooming herself! it’s too keeyoot! ; w ; link

Haaha, this is what the faces/emotes look like in trickster! :p link

Just wandering around in someone’s camp (I guess it’s like a house). To get the furniture, you have to pay for it with real money. .__. link

A random pic of a group of people I took. It’s rare to find people in trickster talking! 😮 link

Just a look at what a trickster town looks like. This is Paradise. People are selling their little things, as you can see. XD link

6 thoughts on “Worst Day of Trickster yet… T___T;”

  1. @ Ephhreal: oooh, simplems. I see . . . I shall check out vids of it on youtube LATER! D:<

    @ Reve: I know, trickster people haven’t even SEEN spamming yet until they’ve played maplestory. T__T

    @ Quack: my friend introduced me to ragnarok, but don’t you have to pay like $9 a month to play? 😮 I know there’s private servers, but my comp can’t hold that much memory unfotunately. Dx

  2. Quack said: “Trickster seems like a lower version of ragnarok online

    Seems better to me. I saw nothing in RO

  3. I played both. I liked RO better. Trickster to me seems almost exactly like RO, except the community sucks. Also, it seems like Trickster is less skill-ful (o.O, easier to play?) and kinda more childish. (You need good coordination in RO for WoE! >=O)

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