S l a p.

BLOG 15: Slap to the face. EGO BASH!

Ohmygod! Take out the confetti, for it’s Spade’s fifteenth blog!11one1!!thirteennuke!1

Rampages are what I would go on everytime I attempt to go on MapleStory. I would click “play” and the screen would go black, and 10 minutes later I would always end up disconnecting again, having to try again. It’s like there’s a magnet wedged deep into my knuckles, and the other pair is in the monitor.

So after giving a good punch to my monitor for being a dumb display machine, (and giving three sore bruises to my knuckles,) I finally manage to log on. I spawn at Kerning, with a good 30% at level 28. I tell myself that I NEED to get to level 30, I NEED to sell my maplemas lights for mesos, and that I NEED to finish my history report on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.

I do all of them except for the last one.

MESO: 28 K

EXP: 2.00%
MESO: 1.45 MIL

So if you compare the two stats, you’ll notice a good change with my level, and my money. The reason I was so low on money before was because I purchased three sets of Tobis, and one set of Steelies, (which wound up in the hands of my friend, who used his evil persuasion methods and jacked biceps to convince me otherwise)

Hey, it’s time for the part where Spade has his epiphany!

I guess the only time I’ve ever gotten close to an epiphany was when I realized the color orange, and the fruit had the same names, and the same color. I think I was nine at the time, (I wasn’t very smart then) and I only came to this conclusion because I was drinking oJ when my cousin hurled a clamentine into my face.

BUT, here is my epiphany: The Free Market. One would assume that things from the Free Market would be, well, free. But HA, no, this would normally be your experience in the FM.

Me:Aight, you got Wooden Tops?
Him: yep 50 k
Me: Heh, a bit expensive dontcha think? And aren’t things in the FM supposed to be free?
Him: CODE RED, FREE THINKER! *kicks in the nuts*

Haha, everything but the nuts part is true.

Yeah, so I would just go around being the rebel I am, persuading people that the FM system is corrupt, telling them that these are lies, trying to persuade them to only come here for things that are free. Sometimes I think I’m insane, but my faith in myself tells me that I’m not insane, and I’m NOT a freak. I’m unique.

I also noticed something else. In the mini-games where you play Omok and Match Cards, I notice that there are spots available for four people at a time, but I realized that spectators are unable to come watch the game, and Omok/Match Cards only allow two people to play at a time. WASTING SPACE, NEXON.

“The system is corrupt!”

“What do we do, sir?!”

“Punch him in the face!”

That’s the war that’s going on in my head right now: Trying to decide whether I should be a bandit or a sin. I’m favoring both, because bandits get sweet Savage Blow, but I already have my level 35, +7 claw in my inventory now, along with three sets of Tobis. Lucky seven’s fun too.

Ultimately, in the end, I decided that I would become a sindit.

Oh, that’s right. One more thing. My title: The ultimate slap to the face, what’s that about, you say?

. . .

It’s when you buy the wrong hair coupon. . .



EDiT 01: Added “[/” to “b]”; and removed the divider between the “stats” section of the blog.
EDiT 02: Added a space between “[ i ]rebel[ / i ]” and “I”; and switched [ i ] and [ / i ].
EDiT 03: Changed title from “The ultimate slap to the face,” to “Slap to the face. EGO BASH!”
EDiT 04: Changed title from “Slap to the face. EGO BASH!” to, “Slap.”
EDiT 05: Changed title from “Slap,” to “SLAP.”

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  1. Btw, the italics are {i}insert stuff here{/i} Replace the { and } with [ and ]. Just like this. Also, which hair coupon did ya buy?

  2. Well I wanted the one for VIP color, but I bought VIP haircut by mistake, and the second time I bought regular color.

    Oh the abuse my pillow felt that day. . .


  3. Lol.

    And when I was new to the game, I thought the free market gave you free stuff. But when I went inside, it was extremely empty.

  4. @Ganache:

    I’m scared of smelling the roses because I’m afraid they’re gonna eat my face when I inhale. ):


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