Tale of Two Heroes | Prologue

Well i decided to remake my basil, mmotales, and profil3 so whatever. I can’t play MS right now so i guess ill start blogging. This prologue is rushed and is more like the boring parts in the beginning of a movie so don’t expect the series to be like this.

Tale of Two Heroes | Prologue

Deep in the Mountains of El Nath, where no evil could reach, was a Sacred Altar, with all the names of the past Heroes, carved into a tombstone made of dark crystal. Around the altar was a barrier, where only the strongest of Adventurers could enter.

A small flash of light sparkled through the canopy of the dense forest and shone down on the darkness below.
The light dispersed and revealed two figures. One of them, was a thief who wore light clothing and a Dark Pireta hat. The other, a Warrior who had much more sturdy armor and a fierce looking spear.

“So, you finally came,” said a voice hidden in the darkness.

“Why have you called us here Master?” asked the Thief.

The hidden voice came out from the shadows and revealed himself to be Grendel the Sage.

“The Chosen ones”, replied Grendel.

“Huh? Don’t tell me they were already picked!” bursted the Warrior.

Grendel pulls out an old fashioned Storybook. “The chosen ones are picked by Minerva and Ellinia, the Faiths, before Light and Darkness collide.”

“When is that?,” asked the Thief.

“Next month” answered Grendel.

“OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!, but wait, what do we have to do with them?”

“I want you two, Agresora and Tora, to be their caretakers and train them for the war, you both ARE the former chosen ones”.
“I think you two would be perfect for the job don’t you think?”.

“Well of course we will do so Master, but we don’t have a clue who the chosen ones are or will be”.

Grendel flips through the Storybooks. After a few seconds of silence he finally answers,
“You both were born in Ludibrium am i correct?”. “Yeah, but how will that help?” moans Tora.

“The next cycle in the Book is Orbis, Ossyria”. They will be brothers. I suggest you both begin your search before they are chosen so they may get as much training in as possible.

“We’ll head back to Orbis at Dawn Master” said Agresora.

“I don’t want to be a bother Master but….May i ask you the names of these two boys?” adds Tora.

“Their Names will be……….Aprisa and Fuerza, find them at once!”

As quick as they came, the two disapeared in a flash of light, Leaving Grendel to his Solitary Studies, as always.

The beginning of a new Story, has just begun.

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  1. I dunno, something tells me you should have gotten Tiger’s and PirateJing’s approval first before writing about them.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. No one got Mushmom’s approval before they started writing about her.


    Anyhow. If you can’t make an interesting prologue, gee, why not just start with a Chapter One?

  3. Cause the prologue here is the surface of the story as in the basic info. When other people just start with ch 1 im like “Wth r they talking about” cause i have no idea what the plot is until later chapters.

    Anyways im not putting effort into this since i was just bored but this will continue.

  4. Edit*Triple post spam*

    I changed them to Agresora and Tora. Agresora means Assaulter and Tora means Tiger o.0

    Going with the speed and strength thing.

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