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Uhm.. sorry guys for this LATE blog, the past few days I stopped writing MMO Tales, ’cause I didn’t play Maple Story, just been there but do nothing at the moment. Also, the last post I did pissed me off and sorry if THAT blog was too SHORT and if people didn’t believe me, I added a PIC and is possible to check the rankings. Anyway, I wanted to share my yesterdays experience… which was a really odd one that never happened to me before and I think that I’m not the only one. OK.

I was on my way back to New Leaf City but I missed the train so I was waiting. At that moment, a member of my guild appeared [I’ve never spoken to him before] so, for no reason he stupidly started to criticize my PIXEL.NX. I was like… ‘What the fook is wrong with jooh?!’… Dang!, and a while after he started saying bad things to me. Jooh know, when I get my nx, I try to create an unique pixel character, I like to be creative… but I guess SOME people don’t see it like that. It was the first time… lol. Some other people keep telling me that I look unique and very creative, and I appreciate it, thanks. But for those who think that I’m ugly or whatever, mind yer own business. People have their own way of customizing their PIXELS. It’s not that jooh are the BEST PIXEL. >:[ And well, I left my guild for a while… ’cause they are not very talkative…

Heh. I think I feel better sharing this. Oh well… some of my friends keep telling me to get married. For some reason I want to, but uhm, I don’t want to get married only for APQ purposes. I kinda feel bad just because of that. XD But, in the other hand maybe… lol. and I think APQ is better than training… XP Anyway, I was planning to start training again and maybe buy a 2x card. MAYBE. LOLOLOL~~ I bought a new DS Lite. OwO~~ Ice Blue color. Ehh.. I was planning to take a walk alone and buy some things at the mini stores and I want my Bubble Tea. 8D But going alone is boring. LOL. and my sis is at College. Anyhow, If I get married and have a few invitations left, I can invite some of jooh guys~ :3 OK then, I’m leaving…~


P.S; Here’s a pic when I was going to Orbis and died. XD It’s been a while since the last time I died, and yes, forgot to use magic guard… I was too concentrated in something else. XD

9 thoughts on “Pixels.”

  1. why get married jsut to say “im mariied” so stupid >=O

    just like getting with sum1 for face value xO

    business reasons are ok tho. tho weird


  2. Nenny, I think your character is awesome. WHOEVER SAID YOU DIDN’T LOOK GOOD, PUNCH THEM IN DA FACE.


  3. dee32693 said: “why get married jsut to say “im mariied” so stupid >=O

    just like getting with sum1 for face value xO

    business reasons are ok tho. tho weird


    I entered the monthly marriage contest with an inactive friend because I hit on girls. The girls I hit on are usually married and ALWAYS respond to my drink requests with, “I’m married.” I would love to say, “So am I.” or “I have a girlfriend*.” but they wouldn’t believe me. I suppose I need some concrete evidence.

    *She doesn’t know my history of Mapling. Heck, I don’t even think she knows what Maple Story is.

  4. I was thinking corpse bride. . . But I like it. Don’t care what people say, if you like your appearance, then stick with it. Those who would denounce it aren’t worth knowing anyway.

  5. I like being married. The amount of dudes hitting on me has decreased by about 80%, which alone is good enough for me. I haven’t done APQ yet, though.

    Soon, I guess.

    Will, maybe you need new pick-up lines. :p

  6. APQ is fun. :3 The rewards, I mean. And the Geist Balrog.
    I don’t care much for the rest of it.

    And I like being Maple married too. Insofar as things haven’t gone wrong yet.

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