My purpose on MMOtales.


This is where I stand. . .

Many people are authors here, and have become quite popular around MMOtales. There were a LOT of successful authors such as BlackNazgul, SilverFx, AxiomFable, AznRiceFan, and more. I even have myself a little FanFic going on, writing a chapter every once in a while.

However, what I really want to be known for is to be known as that “crazy blogger” here. I really put time into my blogs, and I get great responses/comments from you guys. I just love reading the comments, knowing that someone actually read something that I composed myself.

That is why, I shall attempt to get at least 50 blogs in, before I decide to leave MMOtales, (which won’t be for a while). It will be my goal, and I hope I’ll see it to the end.

Blogging on MMOtales became something of a hobby to me. It feels good to write down experiences, even though if they are a game, and let people read how you did today. I was absorbed into blogging the first time I submitted my entry in to MMOtales.

Alright, that’s enough with the introduction, let’s get to numero blog 15!

MapleStory was very, very uneventful for me today. I did nothing but sit on my arse the whole day in Henesys/CH.1, talking to people, playing M.C and Omok. I had a fairly good time, it’s just that I didn’t get any training done, and I’m supposed to reach level 40 by the end of this Tuesday.

Fine! I did it! I finally upgraded my buddylist, but I swear, that is the only time I’m doing it. I realized that I did not want to delete anyone in my buddylist to make room for other people I met that I’ve come to liked, so I was eventually pressured into going to that doctorpersonguything at Lith Harbor.


Yeah, I know. ._.

I finally managed to learn how to insta in Gunz. For those who don’t know what insta is, it’s a technique where you flip an enemy into the air with your sword, and butterfly the opponent continuously as he falls to the ground so that it’s an instant death. It is an extremely hard move to master, and very few people will stand around waiting to be flipped into the air by you.

Why’d I start KartRider again? I don’t know. It’s an obvious rip off of the Mario Kart series, and it only interested me for about a week, before I realized this game was not for me. The characters from KartRider, such as “Dao” or “Ethi” star in games that have been copied such as Crazy Arcade, which is based off of BomberMan.

Well, that’s enough for me, I’ll write again as soon as I get the chance. c:



7 thoughts on “My purpose on MMOtales.”

  1. Lol “crazy blogger”
    Well, you got some REALLY TOUGH competition there

    Nicely written blog, a bit short though


  2. SilverFx said: “A ‘like’ for your admirable effort, I guess.

    Ain’t that so. Loyalty has no bounds.

    ~Lily x33.

  3. iSPADE is so awesome, I’m going to copy his blogging style! If only I had something to blog about…

    Nah. I’m just kidding. And if you were the “crazy blogger”, I don’t think you would have your blog separated into sections like the way you do.

  4. Lolz, I’m still learning how to insta in GunZ, I dbf too late after the flip >-< Although my juggling with dbf is pretty go—-


    Anyway, you need to be more eccentric than that to be blogger teh crazyy.


    Stuff like that :3

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