Perfect Espada Battle!!

We did it!


Perfect World English Guild Intensity finally DID IT!

We took a land on Perfect World!

We had to sacrifice all the Memoire and Shades lands when we formed Intensity, but now a land is flying “Intensity” colors!
(Milky white)

We took one of Espada’s lands!

I mean sure… I ended up staying up till 9:15 AM, but that battle was EPIC!

Here’s how it went.

*Time- 6:00 AM*
*1 hour till TW (Territory War)*

Everyone was being called to Ancient Dragon Cities South Teleporter.
Standard routine.

From there, Guild Master Lelouchi was issuing orders to everyone.
I was on Vent (No mic, but I could listen) and I could hear everyone. Lelouchi included.

There, Drax and Lelouchi was organizing groups.
Mages here, AoE team there, Catapult pullers over there. Basic stuff.

So then Lelouchi calls for Warriors to PM him.

I PMed him.

On Vent I heard him say
“Only Grimno?”

So then he tells me on Vent to organize a party of Warriors together as a “Stun”

*Edit On*
Lol… sorry for changing topic.

Just finished watching a movie.

The Good Guy (Main Character) was actually the badguy!
And the badguy was the fregin Good Guy who wanted revenge against the “Bad Guy” cause they were partners and the “Bad Guy” betrayed him but that wasn’t revealed at the end!
Confusing @_@

*Back on topic*

Alright. So I organzied a Stun Party.

Picture 1- Thats me (Looking soo suave) with my group.

Dante was the only one not there. He was on his way.
Everyone was getting organized.

Also, see that huge blue/red demon thing on the left.
Thats not a player.
Its a player’s “Pet”.



Well. Eventually it got to 7:00 and in the Chat Box, it started announcing who could begin their attack.

The entire Intensity Assault Party on Haze Forest ran to the teleporter and waited our names to be called.

Picture 2- Thats the attacking party.

*Edit- Ok, for some reason no matter how many times I try to pick the right pictue for #2, it keeps putting Pic 1…)

80 people.
There were like, 95+ people there… only 80 could get in.

So during the battle, many low lvls had to leave so the higher levels could enter.

And so it began!

My parties job (As the stun team) was to run in groups of 2, headfirst into the large groups of enemy Espada players, use Lion’s Roar (Uses 35 Vigor points to launch a stun spell in a 10 meter radius, stunning all enemies in the 10 meter radius for 6 seconds at lvl 10, which mine is) then retreat.

We did our job good.

Well, Espada was playing “Defensivly” and pretty soon we had them pushed back into their base.
Their outter defense towers already destroyed

Picture 3- The chaos inside the base.
Hard to see me right?

I’m the one causing the fire
MountSever Sweep. 10 Meter radius flaming kick!

Well… our first goal was to take the wall of the base, so our Archers and Mages can launch down on the Espada guys.
Then we had to defend the Catapults as they attacked the bases Defense Towers (NPC towers that launched 800+ damage boulders at everyone every 4 seconds)

Whole objective of TW.

Get into enemy base.
Destroy Central Building Crystal.

Once destroyed, Victory.

Well… Espada defended pretty well.
A TW’s time limit is 3 hours.
It took us 2 hours to finally get to that dam crystal with everything we had!

Picture 4- Me doing my job! Stunning all Espada around the crystal.
The crystal was at 3% HP, so everyone was screaming “Gratz” before we even won XD

Well, the crystal exploded in a huge flash of white light, and in the Chat Box, it announced to the server like a GM Megaphone.

“The Assault on Haze Forest is over. The Victor is “Intensity””

We won the land!

Thats a sweet 10mil to the guild a week now, as well as Guild Teleportation to the “Lost Village” and the Governor NPC to make Advanced Potions only makable in Guild Owned Territories!

Maybe with my awesome commanding during the TW, and my tributes to the guild…
Maybe Lelouchi will make me a Captain @_@


Moving on again.

I mean, the earlier pick had me of winning… but not like this.
In those pics I was 3rd or 4th.
But I was FIRST!


miXUE is the Chuck Norris of Horse Racing in my server.
So beating her is major victory!


Now its time for me to go beyond a lvl 74 Warrior!

I said by next week I want to be lvl 76 or 77!
I wanna hit 79 sooo badly.
At 79 I get some freking awesome armor!
Its molded so its uber rare too.

Crafted it myself.

Time to go play Perfect World!

I wish others played too… Mip and Iepiat did… but they left.

~Grimno (I pwned some Espada too. 1-Hit killed one of their Captains!)

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  1. Holy crap. You’ve gotten a lot accomplished in that game, huh? I was thinking about downloading it, but I could probably only play on weekends. Maybe during the week too once I get this computer for myself. :D

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