Lak reed this plis.


Oh yeah, the title. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Roy (and Marth’s?) battle cry when they do the sword dance in Melee. I know this because my older cousin is a cheapass and uses it on me all the time. However, I still have enough SPADE POWER to go crazy on the guy.

Ha, well, shoot me, because Brawl was delayed again until March 9th. They delayed it two times, and I’m running out of hair to rip, so for the sake of my scalp, please don’t extend the date any further! It’s also been confirmed that there is a 32-character roster, (A lot more than Melee!) for the game. And yes, there HAS been characters that hasn’t been introduced on the website yet, so don’t worry, you won’t have to go around smashing people with King DDD’s hammer just to kill time.

Oh yes, that’s right. They’re coming out with an English version of Mabinogi. I’ve played the Korean version before, and it was quite fun, but the letters were too small for me to read it. The Korean version acted all weird on my computer, so I’ll be looking forward to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA one.

Blegh, I’m sorry about not coming out with further Black Stand chapters. I’m having a major writer’s block here, so just give me some time to produce some new ideas. Hey, but if you missed any, I’ll give you the links so you can read ’em.

Chapter 01: Resistance

Chapter 02: Escape

Chapter 03: Downfall

Chapter 04: Recuperation

And for those who are wondering where I got the name, Black Stand from, It was a name of an organization during the Abolition Movement that fought against African-American slavery. Black Resistance was the original name, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I tweaked around with the name a bit, and I got the name for my FanFic.

Ha ha, MapleStory. I’ve been inactive for a while, mainly because of two reasons. One, I’ve heard that the patch was super long, and that it takes approximately an hour, and that I won’t to wait that long ’cause it slows down my computer too much, and TWO, it boring.

The funny thing. . . is that I have an unused 10,000 NX cash card that I haven’t activated yet. I’ll probably give it to a friend or something, if not probably just activate it anyway.

P.S: Has anyone noticed that I changed my blogging format again? :c



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11 thoughts on “Lak reed this plis.”

  1. I think it’s only Roy’s battle cry. Marth doesn’t really shout when he fights. His voice is in a more settled tone.

    Oh, and they took them out for the new Super Smash Brothers, sadly. They do have a replacement, though. I believe his name is Ike. Bleh, whatever. Snake and Sonic are still cooler.

    Not to mention Zero Suit Samus. . .

  2. Oh, and regards to your patch thing. If you have a ton of RAM, you should always download the manual patch because the patcher that opens up with the game runs on Nexon’s server (meaning it’ll be dramatically slower because people may downloading the patch or accessing the website). The manual patch runs on your computer’s speed, so it may or may not be better for you. Just a thought.

  3. It’s already out in Japan, though. Hmmm, I’m not too fond with all the new characters. Nintendo’s sort of going overboard with the additions albeit it’s nice to see them working hard.

  4. Actually, it was only really an addition of 14 characters. Four from Melee aren’t returning, so 35 – 21 = 14. If you count alternate characters, there’s 39 characters (35 + Zamus, Shiek, and 2 other Poke’mon).

    That’s a seemingly depressing amount of new characters to some people. I’m just a tad dissapointed by one of the characters from Melee basically being replaced and no addition of K. Rool.

  5. You know who Brawl needs?

    Geno, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. That guy was a monster.

  6. Speculations have been uttered that Geno was the reason why Brawl was delayed to February. Conflicts between SquareEnix and whatnot… They’re the ones that have copyright over Geno.

  7. MasterCheeze said: “Speculations have been uttered that Geno was the reason why Brawl was delayed to February. Conflicts between SquareEnix and whatnot… They’re the ones that have copyright over Geno.”

    Yeah, I realized that. I was hoping Nintendo would be smart enough to attempt (maybe they have but I doubt it) a deal with Square to acquire permission to obtain Geno for Brawl.

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    I like the way you blog, the little subtopics, lol

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