**I move away from the mic to breath in.


Yeah, for those who are wondering what the title means, it’s from the famous black kid singing, “Chocolate Rain”. The way he sings is so funny, and it shows him constantly moving his mouth away from the microphone to breathe in. There’s a caption that reads, “** I move away from the mic to breathe in.” So that should explain the title, right? WRONG.

I borrowed my cousin’s 360, and I’m planning on playing “Gears of War” online tonight. If anyone wants to play with me, just write down your gamer tag here, and (dare I ask?) your phone number. I’ll warn you though, I’m usually a cheapass with the chain-saw, and would rather prefer to wait behind staircases until you turn up.

Hoo hoo, yes, I finally played Gunz again, today. I’ve gotten a bit rusty, so a fair amount of time passed before I warmed up my Butterflying skills. My clan mates happily greeted me with their “hellos” and “omgw tfudidntlogonnoobigonnakicku” s.

Pizza for breakfast.

Have you ever noticed that whenever there’s an event saying that the GMs are coming to a certain place, the place is so crowded, (More than all the Channel1 hot spot’s put together) that you either miss them completely, the GMs themselves lag out, or you’re all the way on the other side of the map? Just wanted to put that out there.

Meh, this was an awfully short blog. I’ll try better next time. =O



5 thoughts on “**I move away from the mic to breath in.”

  1. YES! I have! or another option, You lag out cause of the crowd XD
    nways! Lol, i had Coke for breakfast once, hmmmmmmmmmm

    – VanillaPocki –

  2. Ganzicus. . . that was freaky o.O
    And he owned me on GunZ yesterday =(
    He plays International, which lags like hell on my computer =(

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