Whoops long absence

ok I’m sorry I haven’t posted many blogs. Here’s the summary

Easter event sucked badly.
I’ve given up on LPQ due to too many bad parties.
The number of idiots in EMS has increased somewhat.
We now have Omega Sector.
Mateon Tentacles are a GREAT source of mesos (I’ve been selling them for 1K each without trouble).
I now have a pretty penny despite not merchanting hard.

Just now some moron mass defamed my mule. When I asked him why he just remained silent. When I reminded him that it’s a poor idea to cross me, he resorted to name calling. He called me a bish. I said that he was just jealous because I wasn’t his. This is where it got lame. His best retort was “get a boyfriend”. After that he blocked whispers like the noob he is. If you see someone named “TRUENO1” and you’re on your mule account, guard your fame because he will defame your mule for no reason whatsoever.

I don’t know about you but I don’t need a man to affirm my identity. Also for all he knew I could have been a guy or a lesbian. Never presume that someone online is who they say they are. I used to play a guy character on GMS before I quit. Trust me I am a genuine woman (either that or my man boobs beat every record at DD cup).

Right now we’re having our first Mapleversary in EMS and people are trying to peddle Maple Crossbows on me. I do not want a Maple Crossbow. I have a crossbow that beats it. My mule account is storing the different cakes that are dropping (mmmmmm cake) until I have enough HP and MP to make them worth using. Even then I will keep some for nostalgic reasons.

Anyway, that’s all from this level 46 Crossbow woman.

Until then, don’t let the noobs run all over you and be nice to your pets and old dears (you’ll be old one day and will appreciate someone taking care of you).