MapleSEA’s 3rd anniversary

MapleSEA’s 3rd anniversary. A fine day, and as we all know, the return of the maple weapons about a month beforehand. With the newly implemented maple leaf upgrading system, the maple 3rd anniversary weapons are here. Following that, will be the new shields for the warriors, thieves, and mages. People swarm to places like Retz and Lunar Pixies (while those despised KSers, KS), for hope of finding a Maple Shield that can be upgraded into the higher leveled shields. The FM price of Maple Leaves are at 500 mesos each, so if you know the trick, 495 maple leaves can be in your hand each day to sell for 249 750 mesos. I will leave the trick for all of you guys in the unknown to figure out, and with this I sign off for the day.