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Hey guys, I went back to my old home and I found a folder titled as 123. I found a couple of songs.. cheats for flash games.. omfg my 8th grade photo.. and omfg my old blogs!


I remember why I saved them.
I always write blogs without any blueprint and crap. So it’s all messy. Anyways, do you remember the time when you’re done with your blog. You press ‘submit’ and then the next page just flushes all your hard work down the toilet along with all the crap you and your family (and perhaps friends’) made down the gutter by saying PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND.

And then you say, ‘son of a gun…’

btw. I’m not gonna take risk typing the word that I meant to say by placing [b][/b] between the word, because I got temp. banned by typing crap (the ‘s’ one) even with the [b][/b] in it.

son of a gun…..
So yeah, I first saved it on a Word Document and then submit it again.

yah yah watevr im soooo tired too lazy to type teh.. corecting wahtver. here

I went to a friend’s house to play Wii. My crazy Falcon punching, kicking son of a gun Captain Falcon motehrfarting own’d their ass. After that, I hung out with my friends who’s gonna leave my school . I’m gonna miss them. So yeah.

8 am – 1 pm SAT Prep
1 pm – 2 pm bus to metro
2 pm – 3 pm Wii
3 pm – 8 pm Random stuff
10 pm got home.

Anyways, I got two of the blogs. I’ll post one today and the other one some other day. In addition, I’m going to tell you guys about how perverted I was on the metro station today.

Okay, okay, I said I’d quit Mapling, but I went back to my other house, but didn’t uninstall Maple on this computer. So I was bored today and went onto Maple.

The other day at school

It was 20 minutes before class, I was in the cafeteria. There was a conflict between these 2 buff guys in my grade. There were numerous girls surrounding the two buff guys.

Me: “Excuse me, excuse me.”

As I traveled through an flock of good-looking girls, then I got to the center or the heart of the conflict. I walked in between the two mouth-raging guys and held my arms straight out to the buff guys to separate them. “WAIT!” I said, then silence… with a minor feeling of “Oh crap” in my mind.

I then bravely spoke out

“Do you guys like raisins?”

Everyone awed of how random it was, moment of silence…


Everyone walked away without saying a word.

Okay! On Maple!

I logged on expecting to see Depleta online, but he has went back to New Zealand.

FORGET HIM! He first loot my snail shells, I called him a “bish”. In return, he replied “motehr fcu***”

So anyway, it was double experience event when I got on, and hurried to kill those mob of Ribboned Pigs for 40 exp each kill I flipped through 20 different channels to kill because most mages train there and cannot kill the pigs. Leveling is so much easier But still, it’s a pain

After leveling, I spend 27 years traveling to Henesys Market Place in slow…….. mo…tion….for…no…raisins (reasons).. at..all… Next to the Free Market entrance was a rusty stone entrance wall with arrows and ninja stars struck between the cracks. As I entered the portal with no portal light, I was back in Ancient China…

Although the graphics of the area was groovy and hip (as kids describe gnarly things these days), I had no idea how the PVP things work. There was a rankings NPC at the west end of the map, scores were 3014, 2945, 2863, etc. I talked to the other NPC expecting some challenge quest stuff to pop-up.

Potion Store..

I walked into one of the three portals within the PVP map, was the arena. A mage came in, I pressed attack thinking it was hit the mage. But in disappointment, nothing happened. So yeah, tht plce sukz0rz!11!!1one1

Thinking back of my “Becoming a Warrior” times, I saw an 0ld sk00l plane with an 0ld sk00l 0ld P1l0t NPC. Though never bothered to click him. But this time, since I’m not ever ever ever ever never ever ever ever never ever never never never ever ever ever ever ever ever never ever gonna play again, I curiously talked to the sad NPC paid 1,000 楓幣(mesos) and flew to 上海(ShangHai) map.

Lyk //0VVz0Rs!
At first I thought the place sucked just as much like the PvP arena because I entered to the right portal, where all the hair, eyes, face, skin color, and stuff are done.

“lyk omg dis plce sux”

Thinking this place a piece of crap, I walked back to the 0ld sk00l plane with an 0ld sk00l 0ld P1l0t demanding my 1,000 楓幣 I earned recently earned from working at McDonalds (sarcasm..). An owl pimp-slapped my face causing me to look upwards to the mini-map seeing the left portal.

After 2 minutes of thinking “Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. uhh..” and looking like a retard with a drop of drool hanging on my lower lip. “Pie!!” I decided to look at the other portal.

I entered the portal; the background music was nice, sounded like a “Yes! I made it!” type of music. The map was rather wide. Kind of like walking through the length of two of Henesys’es. I’ve also talked the to the NPC who wanted me to get 50 Chicken Feet and earn some potions. As I entered the monster-map portal..

I see giant cocks (cock as in Giant Roosters.)

I smacked the rooster; 23! Miss! 2! 56! Dies! Traveling further more, I had a nice cup of tea with the retarded looking cows and a couple more roosters. As I swung my Sabre at the rooster again expecting to hear it’s characteristic death cry. It literally clawed my face.


But anyway, the soaring red snail shells saved me from the ebil rooster from touching my sexy face that attracts the ladies.

The moral of my whole entire experience… Well, actually there is no moral. But anyway, I wanted to conclude.

MapleStory is just like any other MMORPG games, you train, you die, you gain, you lose. MapleStory is the game that what lead me into existing into this website. Without me in this website, I’m sure everyone would be depressed, including Captain.
But that is not the point! The point is, MapleStory may have given me some good and bad moments, like the joy of meeting friends and having to lose friends (or getting yelled at by your mom). Despite that, it has sure gave me a hell of an adventure.

Last words to MapleStory: WIZET YOU SUCK

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  1. LMFAO, “Do you like raisins?”

    I probably would’ve said something like,

    “Hey who said that? Wasn’t me.”


  2. Lol, I like raisins!
    You’re right, without you here I would have been depressed all my life and would have been a gigantic failure!
    Thank you for blogging!

  3. LMAO @ the screenshot
    LMAO @ “Do you like raisins?”

    This was a total lol-filled blog.

  4. XD …

    My friends used to throw raisins at each other in the cafeteria last year.

  5. StrangeGuy said: “”Do you guys like raisins?””

    me and lazie:

    If i seem a little strange that’s because i am says (2:16 AM):

    lazydame says (2:18 AM):


  6. A “wtf” has just been sent in the general direction of user “dee32693.”

    Waiting for response

  7. Your personality is so unique.

    I think you’re the only person with blogs that I don’t mind reading every single one of them.

    + I don’t skim on yours.;

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