Of Smugglers and Noobs

So I tried getting into LPQ today. So many smugglers I just don’t want to think about it. Anyways one particular smuggler got pissy because I made it clear that I wasn’t going to PQ with smugglers and left the party at the end of the PQ. He berated me via whispers and called me a noob and stuff. I told him to leave me alone but he insisted on being a stupid **snip**. I had to log off just to get of him.

Here’s a screenshot for your viewing pleasure. Yes he has been reported to Nexon (like they’re going to do anything about it).

13 thoughts on “Of Smugglers and Noobs”

  1. Smugglers are so annoying. >:0

    I remember being part of this really good party in HPQ and we had this one guy who was a beggar and a smuggler. He continuously begged for fame and stars and then he spammed, “CAN I SMUGGLE? CAN I SMUGGLE?” over and over again I guess the party leader was too nice because he let him stay in the party even though we had more than enough people to PQ with. Oh wells.

  2. The first time I found about smuggling I had no idea what was going on. I was like, “Why do we keep GOING OUT?!?” And they just kept ignoring me.

    It’s really annoying when you get people that want to do it.

  3. Haha. I gave up trying to avoid smugglers. If someone in the party hacks, I will quit . . . but if someone smuggles, well, who gives?

    My archer got from level 13~22 in two hours because our leader could smuggle 200+ moon cakes from HPQ, we just kept getting in again and again and again and again, 1600 EXP every 15~20 seconds D: . . . so I’m not complaining.

  4. I make it clear that I won’t PQ with smugglers and always ask the party if there are any smugglers. If there are I make it clear that I’m leaving the party and why. That guy should not have even whispered me and left me alone the first time I asked him. He was like “oh disable your whispers if you don’t want to hear me”. People whisper me for Basil trades when they can’t buddy list so I can’t really disable them.

    I just hope Nexon get off their arses and actually ban hackers, smugglers, and harassers.

  5. FreakUnique said: “
    I just hope Nexon get off their arses and actually ban hackers, smugglers, and harassers.”

    Keep hoping

  6. Lol. Meepster has been going around MMOT typing out expletives at random bloggers that type short – semi-short blogs D:

    I find it funny infact.

  7. Orbis PQ is a billion times worse. Freakin’ glitch PQ.

    That’s why I LMPQ glitch-free zone.

  8. RussetAure said: “Orbis PQ is a billion times worse. Freakin’ glitch PQ.

    That’s why I LMPQ glitch-free zone.”

    That’s where I’m going as soon as I lvl. Almost there! Wee! o_o;

  9. I’m afraid I don’t have that option in EMS, it’s only KPQ and LPQ. I know it’s too short but it riled me enough to blog about it.

  10. While, I have no complaint about smuggling in general, some of the smugglers themselves are less than perfect.
    I’m a smuggler on occasion, I guess you could call me a casual smuggler.
    I simply do it for fast EXP.

    What I don’t like is smugglers who act as noobish as the one you described.
    In my opinion, thats kind of like hacking.
    If you ruin the game for other people, you should be reported.

    If you’re a smuggler in a party that wants to smuggle, thats fine.
    If you’re a smuggler trying to force people into smuggling with you, and then creating endless spam to annoy people, then you’re an idiot and need to get off.


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