[RP]Moonlight Bay Announcement!

The RP has finished on MMOT!

We are now migrating to the official forums!

PLEASE, WHOEVER IS READING THIS, JOIN THE FORUMS! We want it to be as successful as possible!

All RP members, if you wish to continue your characters, then join the forums.


And now for the MMO related part:

What the heck is Everquest 2?!?

I’ve never played it before. Is it good?

Also, I haven’t been on to MS for a while now. I think my cash expired. >.>

9 thoughts on “[RP]Moonlight Bay Announcement!”

  1. HEY! Don’t steal the picture I’m using! RAWR It’s supposed to be a SURPRISE! HIDE IT NAO!

  2. Dest1 said: “
    Make yourself horneh again ;D”


    Join the Dark Side! We gots tacos! ^^

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