O shizznappypoo

Im finnaly playing Maple agian. And DAM is it a hard game!

Everything so hard to get nowadays. I quit like a year ago and came back because I was bored all the time. . . . . Literally.

I play Scania agian :o. I r nub 2 lulz.

So yeah my DK was banned somehow. It’s banned until the 12th and I have no clue how that happend. I never had maple on my computer for almost a year. I gave noone my account info or even spoke about maple since I didnt play it. Tis weird. And I am Positive that my pin is changed. I know my ID and password but the thingy popped up saying I am banned.

And yeah I dont know the email. The account orginally was not mine in the first. My friend trained it to lvl 40. He let me have it and I trained it to about lvl 52. Then I sold it to someone who got it banned. Then I took it back and it was lvl 60. I trained it to lvl 81, then I quit. And about 1 year later I am back wrting this blog. I dont know the email therefor I cant change the pin or reset it.

But hell,
Its sorta fun playing all over again. I hate hanging around lvl 60+ people. They always sound and think they are all that and pro and crap.
I havent met any strangers yet so thats good

I started to find old buddies agian

IGN-MadBenny Scania

Add me if ya want I wont be on mostly.

lolu pics
Me at nooby island. This is the first time I ever saw the NEW Mapleisland ever. I never knew we had green costumes and all these stuff. The only time I made an account was back when we had the dope Jeweled cursor and everyone was oh so friendly.



And lets end this blog with my favorite song that makes me calm

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  1. but as long as u have the original PIn u can reset it right? o.o i jsut did that on maple


  2. wait, WHAT WAS THE EMAIL ADDRESS! If you still have access to it, you can reset your pin! Just log onto your account at nexon, click account info, and click pin reset. Gets sent to your email you put there, say yes you want to reset it, then something,

  3. Well. . .

    I dont have the email address.

    But I guess its what I get for getting an account used by alot of people.

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