More little boys with big egos

OK so I make some trades that go smoothly, I’ve been doing this Valentine’s event and cursing the non stackable chocolate. I’ve also levelled up and got a load of 60% scrolls for XBow for Att.

Anyways I try and PQ with little luck. I even get booted from the party in favour for a Crossbowman who wields a bow instead of a Crossbow. Anyways I get into this party and we get in. All of a sudden the leader, LordprophiT, goes on about smuggling and I’m like “I specified a non smuggling party” he’s like “why”? I explain that they’ve banned for it already in GMS and they’ll do it in EMS too. He’s like “oh they haven’t done it yet” and I’m like “I am not going to be anywhere near ground zero when this explodes”.

He’s like oh “im manmual” (bad grammar from him) I’m like “that’s still abusing a glitch”, he repeats that “im manmual” and I reply “you need to re read the ToS”. All the time he’s challenging me to quit the party. I quit the party because of the smuggling and his first words were “noob”. Some other punk went “defame”.

I did the only thing I could do. I moved out ASAP and blacklisted LordprophiT from the safety of my special hiding spot in Ludi.

If you’re this kid’s parents please send him to the nearest road with fast moving traffic (preferably the Autobahn or even Nurburgring, with Silverstone a close third) and just leave them there to hopefully get run over by the next fast moving thing that passes by. This will remove his stupidity from the gene pool and save me the bother of doing it later.

5 thoughts on “More little boys with big egos”

  1. LordprophiT.

    Ouch. I know that guy, but in a good way. 😮

    He was in my old guild, NxKidZz [Meh, can’t really remember the name.]

    On smuggling/non-smuggling. . .

    If I have a member in my party that objects to it, I don’t smuggle.

    If no one does, and we have a smuggler, we smuggle.

  2. I always make it clear that I am joining a non smuggle party. If the words “XBow J> Non smuggle PQ” don’t make it clear enough then who’s the noob? I just love the way he called me a noob for standing up for myself. I also love the way the other member pretty much bayed for my blood despite hearing the whole thing.

    Thanks for respecting the other members Annikbelle. More leaders should be like you.

  3. *cheers for you*

    But yeah, I wouldn’t mind glitching if it’s like, my entire guild got kicked out of GPQ by a bug with my leader stuck still inside the castle with the Rubian. . . (Yeah, it happened before. We smuggled out the Rubian, but it got lost on the way in, lol.)

    Call it counter-glitching.

  4. I don’t understand this whole smuggle business. When I played Maple, people didn’t smuggle at all! They were too stupid playing by the rules

    Just kidding. Can someone explain smuggling to me?

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