little boys with big egos

I’ve had no luck PQing. Apparently you’re a total noob at level 35 despite actually knowing what you’re doing from having played GMS before and done the LPQ there.

So I resigned myself to Teddies. Last night some little noob called MyLastBreath went up to me and went “cc plz” I told him that I was here first (which I was). He went “so?” and started to try and KS me, with abysmal failure. After that he kept calling me a sl*t over and over. In the end I got fed up of him and went “stop confusing me for your mother” (bad I know but I don’t have time for this sort of moron). His reply was “don’t confuse me for your dad” (even lamer seeing as that’s just pretty much a carbon copy of what I said).

Well that really was stupid because I have a male partner and would only consider another woman (if only to expand my experience) so I went “sorry I swing the other way” which totally beat him because he did the o.O face and couldn’t really insult me any more. He did call me a “lesbian” (or try to thanks to the filter) but that’s hardly an insult now.

In the end he gave up and changed channels and I kept on training after alerting my Guild and Buddies to this moron. Before I left I found him and defamed him, whispering to him that the defame was for his earlier behaviour before Blacklisting him and logging off.

I just hope that Blacklisted people can’t track you otherwise, knowing this rude little boy, I’ll never get any peace.

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  1. Yeah, I’m a freak when it comes to level 35 in LPQ.

    I don’t like them in my parties because they do no good in the Alishar stage. =/

  2. You couldn’t have just ignored him?

    I mean, I know coming from me that sounds hypocritical, but that is what I would have done in that situation o_o; no need to waste my defame on some idiot who can’t even KS correctly. That’s just a waste.

  3. I did try and ignore him but he just kept at it so I decided to take the twerp down a peg or two. If I don’t then he won’t ever learn how to behave cause his parents obviously never taught him how to behave properly.

    I could probably hit Ali with the +5 accuracy WGs I nabbed from someone who stupidly decided to drop them on the Ludi train and a sniper potion. But then you wouldn’t know that because you never asked. Don’t presume that lvl 35s can’t Ali without asking what they have to compensate. Xbows have very high Dex and can hit Ali before any other class (this is based on unscrolled, average items)

  4. , Only time you can LPQ when you’re lvl 35 is when it’s in the mornings, when party leaders get desperate or when your friends in the party or something.
    Lol, i haven’t played in so long, i don’t really remember the feeling of people trying to ks me, *sigh*,

    – VanillaPocki –

  5. What are blacklists used for? I use them for tracks, which doesn’t seem very nice, but oh well. =D

  6. Arladerus said: “What are blacklists used for? I use them for tracks, which doesn’t seem very nice, but oh well. =D”

    I think that whoever’s on your blacklist can’t whisper you, track you, or chat you. Something along the line of them.

  7. I wouldn’t bother LPQing at lvl 35 unless you were a cleric (which I am). For me it’s easy peasy, and since I’m not attacking to begin with it’s no problem. But now at lvl 50, I just leave parties that have 30’s. The PQ in general takes too long and most of them die at Ali (not by my inability to heal, but their ability to be stupid).

    And for some reason, I never get KSed. Even when I’m training/mobbing. People just leave me alone when they realize I’m there. o_O;

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