3 Levels in one day :DDD

In this post… a little bit of Maple and a lot of Perfect World and other new game.

The Maple part==>

I tried to log in and I got disconnected repeatedly. And I gave up on it. T_T

The new game part==>

I randomly downloaded some game advertised on Gaia called Secret of the Solstice. It looks very FFT-ish so I tried it out. Right now I’m on the fence about this game. I read a lot of good things about this game. It seems very interesting. But then again, it was on THEIR site where I read about the game. >.< This game’s system is different from other MMORPGs. First off, you’ start off in a newbie town as a newbie class (Xigbar or something like that…let’s just call it Beginner) and you’re not allowed to leave until you’re level 10. So how do you get to level 10 if you’re stuck in a town? Quests! You do 10 newbie quests and each quest levels you up. I thought, “Ok, I’m getting free levels. That’s fine.” I didn’t mind because I thought I would be able to change my class once I got up to level 10. Wrong. They send you out into the world and that’s that. I was all, “what happened to my class change? D:<” I tried to ask some people about it but nobody had any answers. Even the people who were different classes. -_-

At the moment I’m at level 16 and if I don’t see any class change soon, I’m quitting.

The Perfect World part=====>

Today was a very productive day. I played on my Mikuru warrior today. I leveled her up. I wasn’t going to play on the Yuki elf archer but I thought that I would just finish a quest and then log off. Well…that quest turned out to have 3 parts. D: It was like that Fox Muffler quest except that was harder. In mid-quest I saw a megashout (or whatever PW calls them) about people who were helping out with the Blood Tablet quest. I needed to have that quest done but I was afraid to PM the guy who helped me out before. He’s on all of the time and I just can’t do it. I’m so shy. *>.<* Anyway, I was a part of another high level party. They were really nice. They waited for me, buffed me, and gave me tips. I leveled up from that. Afterward I had an easy time finishing my quest due to their buffs. Then it wore off when I was almost done and I almost died twice. ;-: I finished the quest and the bonus leveled me to 21. Then it was to Ancient Dragon City. I went there and leveled up again just for talking to NPCs. I was going to start on another quest but I got lagged out. I probably died too. Oh well.

In this screenshot I’m in Ancient Dragon City. This city is like the Free Market in Ch1. It would be a very beautiful city if everybody and their cousin wasn’t trying to sell you something for twice than what it’s really worth. (Level 8 halberd at 10k? I think not.) If I had left the interface on, you would have been able to see exactly how crowded that city is. Anyway, it’s my new home base until I get way stronger.

<(o_O~) I poke you!