The Survival of Pandas

I have been stuck at level 68 for weeks now. I can’t seem to get myself to train. Apart from starting college, I have been stressing over, well, pretty much getting dumped by that guy I adore. I even unequipted everything including NX
to avoid training (when I train, I TRAIN and will not stop until levels are achieved). Also, my penguin ’cause the jerk won’t stop picking up chocolates.

I haven’t talked to anyone on Maple, either. As a guild master, I think I’ve already failed. Lately, I’ve been such a fair-weather friend that it’s making me seriously doubt whether I should continue playing. I will, it’s just, it’s pretty pointless if I can’t even make myself talk to people and can’t make myself train.

I’ve had a few fun moments with smegas, though. Such as responding to a “debate” over what emo is. OK, so it wasn’t really a debate until I made my smart-ass comments. But in my defense I was the only person who bothered to know what I was talking about.

Also, I smega’d “If quizzes are quizzical, then what are tests?”
Can you imagine the word I was spammed with for nearly 6 minutes?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the blog title. Well, this might not sit well with a good deal of you, but it’s truth.

I’m sure most of you think pandas are adorable. Oh, and they are! “Poor pandas are endangered! We must help them!”. Pandas have such a hard time surviving due to poor adaption. Now consider this: Pandas’ diets are 99% bamboo. Bamboo DOES NOT provide pandas with adequate nutrients. It also produces weak milk in mothers for their offspring, hence why baby pandas struggle to survive when not bottle fed. Also, females are rarely if ever in heat. Now imagine the costs of keeping pandas.
“A 2006 New York Times article outlined the economics of keeping pandas, which costs five times more than that of the next most expensive animal, an elephant. American zoos must pay the Chinese government $1 million a year in fees, as part of a typically ten-year contract.” -Wikipedia Article

With that amount of money they could benefit multiple amounts of other endangered animals… Animals which have probably gone through a great deal of effort to ADAPT TO THEIR FREAKIN’ ENVIRONMENTS. PANDAS DO NOT WANT TO SURVIVE AND, OK, THEY’RE ADORABLE! THEY ARE! BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD WHY CAN’T WE HELP A SPECIES THAT CAN HELP ITSELF? PEOPLE WE ARE SPOILING THE PANDAS.

They’ll never adapt if we continue to spoil them with millions of dollars worth of luxuries and if they just so happen to die out, well, since the beginning of time it’s been survival of the fittest. It’s pretty much meant to be that pandas learn to stand on their own four legs.
My hooker sister wants credit for this argument. Stephen C. of College Point, NY is completely responsible for any negative feedback I receive.

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  1. Trust me. You wouldn’t want to see it. I wonder what made me see it. The images are stored in my memory forever.


  2. o, o
    Why am I NEVER ON WHEN YOUR ON?!?!?
    Gawd. . .
    Stupid overreactive parents. . .
    Grounding me for 2 weeks for staying on ms for 5 mintures to late,

  3. Hey hey hey. You don’t work hard to adapt. I didn’t struggle my arse off to grow two legs and a pe-
    It’s the fact that-hey look, they’re-guess what, SURROUNDED by bamboo. What the heck else are you gonna eat? Grab the local asian farmer and chow him down? Smack a tiger and mutilate his innards? Nope nope. You eat the bamboo. And that’d be perfectly fine. . .if not for the destruction of the bamboo forests. =[
    Furthermore, they’ll never adapt if we DON’T “spoil” them. (Does keeping 2 pandas worldwide in a zoo mean you’re spoiling them? I think not!) We’re the reason they’re being wiped out. And if we go strictly with the survival of the fittest, why’re we helping the other endangered species? Mm? Should they too, be wiped off the face of this planet?

    Nevertheless. Good blog, and good luck with getting to 69! =]

  4. As a matter of fact, pandas are actually canivorous. It’s kinda puzzling as to why they eat bamboo (there’s small and meaty things-not tigers-that they are able to get). The fact is that we put a lot more into helping pandas than other animals. Pandas can’t adapt if we don’t stop letting them naturally uh “take care of business”. For instance, baby pandas cannot adapt to bottle feeding by a zoo employee. Mothers need to adapt to a different diet that would benefit their offspring. China doesn’t do much to help them by exploting them. They’re virtually China’s national gift baskets.

    And thank you thank you!

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