Incendiary Outing 3 – Lost And Found

Sorry to rite such a short blog there,was to tired to rite it on the day.
If i rote it later,my Stm-ness would had settled in D:
So aniway…

*Checks Hp Inbox*
You have…. 29 Smses on 14th June,21 of them from guildies.

I seriousely gotta invent some ‘Mass Location Update’ scheme thingy,instead of being the center of info everytime i host a guild event.
Well cos i used them up so….

Anyway,Pb was going to be late,so i left my house later.
I just reached the train station when he said he was going there direct,thus making me the latest again D:
Silver got there the earliest,followed by Mandy then Rept.Had no idea when Cat,my buddy,came in though cos she didnt have a cell.

And when i got to the meeting point,i saw the funniest sight.
Rept was on the right side of this ‘Gigantic Map Signage Thingy’ ,while Silver and Mandy was on the left side.
Cat?She was hidden somewhere at the back near the 3 of them.
(Do you all hate each other or something? 0_o )

So off to the beach!
Rather,we stood and agured around the bus info chart for awhile because we wernt sure of which bus to take.
(Hey man! I rote it down on a piece of paper D: No one ever trusts my bit of paper with info in it T_T )
Then a lady popped by and offered to help us,since our stop was along her way.
So off to the beach!
(It was funny cos we were not sure of the stop,thus almost getting off several of them.Mandy nearly went off one !And the lady was like NO NO NOT THIS STOP!!)

As for pb,dispite being stuck in a jam,he somehow got there 1/2h earlier then us +_+ and was lurking in the cool depts of the bowling alley nearby.

To the bike rentals!
*Passes by the 1st 1*
SIGN: Buy 1hour get 1 hour free + water @ $5 !!
Eon: If it’s coke,i m so in.
Rept agrees.
*Walks to 2nd one*
SIGN:Buy 1hour get 1hour free @ $3
*Walks in*
How much is a mountian bike?
What?The sign says it’s $3!!
Oh,STARTING from $3.

So we went into the shop that like so many bikes,and 1 of the staff tagged along with us.
Staff: This is $4,those are $5,over there are $6,those behind are $8 and those are $12 (And so on)
Wow!He remembered how much each bike cost!It’s like asking a trader how much are those scrolls.

Bikes rented,time to cycle.
Pb made several black tyremarks on the floor.
It was some distance later when he realised….
Turns out her slingbag kept slipping and she stopped to ajust.
Later on,Silver n Mandy went missing too.
And so on
(People kept dissapearing)

To the turtle pond! (Yes,turtle pond near the beach)
*Whips out gigantic $1.55 bag of bread and throws the top piece into the pond*
A man nearby who was assisting 2 other men in spray painting signs on the floor walked up to us and asked us not to feed the turtles D:
Silver sneekly pinch 1/2 a loaf and slowly fed them.
Suggestions about sticking Mandy in to feed them instead + suggestions to stick him in to see how deep the pond was was made.
A dig into his duffle bag and we all discoevered…
The army guy had packed his own guild cycling outing survival pack consisting of 1 gigantic bottle of ice lemon tea (which was not cold at all) a gigantic $3-4 pack of cheeze chips and…..
A crunch here and there and it was off to the jetty,where Eon was struggling to take a guild shot.
(There wasnt a group shot from the last event D: )
Eon was about to ask a guy to help take the shot for us when… (While silver was poking a decapated prawn thingy)
Rept kept insisting she didnt want to be in it!
And finally when she slightly manages to convince her…

Then it was off to a nearby Family day event where a host stood onstage and begain singing.
Then past a mini van shop (they have a ice cream booth thingy in the van ) and off to see the flowers that silver insisted on seeing.
A uturn and it was icecream time!
(I kinda stabbed mine with the spoon and a small chunck of it flew on my shirt n dropped down on the floor D’: )

So,back to where we rented the bikes and cycle to the other side of the beach.
Eon speeded up,to stabalise the bike. (Cos she was cycling without holding the handlebars,and bikes are less swervy when it’s faster)
Pb,who was nearby,begain to speed up.
A race it was,then.
But suddenly,Pb swerved into a pathway up infront,nearly causing Eon to overshoot.
Pb dumped his bike on the pillar and went to the 7-11 he had discoevered.
Never ever mix 100+ with coke… it tasts like gassy water LOL.
(Well,he bought that after trying to fit himself into the drinks fridge)
Then we all colapsed on the chairs outside a skate rental booth thingy,watching a family try on this new pair of ‘bounce skates’.
It looks like roller blades,only without wheels.
In place of that is a oval bouncy thing,so you pratically walk n bounce with it. 0_o
(It looks extremely funny though)
Oh yea,Pb’s bike was so hot later on when we got on.

After dumping the bikes back to the rental booth,everyone huddled in a corner,drenched in sweat.
Lets go to the bowling alley,someone suggested. (Since pb said it was cool)
And so,to the bowling alley!

In the end,all except silver went bowling that day.
(My left shoe had a hole and i could lyke stick my toe out LOL)
The order : Mandy – Eon – Rept – Pb – Cat
Eon,a 1st time bowler,missed 5 shots in a row.
Pb did a demo roll for Eon,scoring 9 points for her.
At the end of 10 rounds…
Eon managed to strike all 10 pins in 2 tries once … (Whee)

Round 2! (Rept was out by then)
Silver keys in the names.
*Presses Enter*
Silver keys in E-O-N-A next.
Someone suggested,why not E-O-N-A-*-* (SENSORED >O >O >O)
And so she did,but Eon managed to undo it.
In the end…. D: D: D:
Pb next!
Eon fights with Silver for control over the keyboard.
She typed in G-H-E-Y-M-A-N
Silver shreked,and struggles to undo it.
In the end,she managed to.
Mandy went on a roll and manages to strike all 10 pins trice.

After round 2,it was off to Macs!
Eon and Cat both bought fries along with a free cup of water,Silver a grilled chicken foldover,mandy a … a i forgot the rest > > (His burger wasnt that puny this time )
Board after finishing,Eon begins to stack the cups. (There was a extra cup in Cat’s cup)
A plastic cup castle was born.
Then Eon begain putting random assorted stuff to decorate it.
That was when she got a hold of Silver’s foldover packaging and put it on Mandy’s head,like a hat,and tried to take a photo.
Mandy graps it,and tries to stuff it on Pb’s head.
To counter Eon’s evil handphone that was lookin at him,he looked down.
Meanwhile,Eon caught sight of his wallet n handphone infront of him.
At that moment,silver looked away from the comotion.
Eon makes a grap,and puts his possesions on Mandy’s chair.
Mandy take his seet,and took note.
Hints were given,but none was taken.
In the end,Eon could not stop giggling.
She tried to unlock his phone under the table,but in vail.
So she lifted the phone to everyone’s view and tried to ply off the plastic cover ( Cos it’s touchscrean mah :1 )
In the end,she realised that there were special buttons thingies so… she managed to unlock it and…
Delete every single photo Pb had taken of her!! BUHAHAHHAS

Then,it was time to leave.
Mandy who was reading his manga,secretly hid the wallet under his comic book and put it in his bag.
After reaching the end of the row of buildings,Pb suddenly shouted
And makes a mad dash back to Macs,while Mandy was frantically yelling him to get back. ( I hinted 2 you back at macs ok! >O)

The group walked back to the busstop,where Cat and Rept parted off on different buses.
Pb realised that…he should had not followed us since he got to the beach via a different bus route.
The loaf of bread was returned to Eon….well it was squashed untill…. none of us dared to eat it anymore
Mints were handed out,and funny questions were being asked.
Chilli chocolates camed into the conversation.
(Chili choco +_+ )

The next outing is most prob going to be bowling / pool.
We will see ^ ^

Oh,and we almost entered the maple CPQ contest in RL.
It was a hassle to get the team of 4men up since…
2 of my original CPQ teamies were in malaysia,and was unable to reach Sg by 10am.
So silver and pb joined in their place.
But pb had problems with his asiasoft…
So while awaiting the forum mods to reply regarding his case,silver trained her mage.
And it was later when Eon found out that… the regeristation fee was…
$10 a person = $40 ( must be 4men)
So the event was off. > <
(Man,$40 also wan to rip people off sia…)

(I wonder,is a blog about your maple guildies out on a rl guild event being crazy and all relevent as a MMO blog?)

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  1. SilverFx said: “Tehee. Ya, you deleted all your photos off his phone. XD”


    And no , we don’t hate each other . I just didn’t know how they looked like . You gave me horrible descriptions . I thought Silver was wearing something striped ._.

  2. I was thinking of hair way shorter than that -.-

    But when I saw them I had a feeling that it was them

  3. >D
    If it’s bowling or pool, I should be able to attend.
    Me thinky.
    Just, tell me your phone numbe so that I don’t have to keep waiting for you to call me and make another stupid mistake–!

  4. Zhli dude i though u had my number? 0_o
    And mochi it’s a blog about the guild event in real life .

  5. , O_o

    As I sweared to Repty, Im not liking this blog ‘cos I didn’t go.

    -Resists pressing likey-

    Oh well, i might as well go create an acc in Maple Aquilla.

  6. Dude, I haven’t ridden my bike in so long it isn’t funny. Well, uh, I guess I did a couple months ago for our come-up-with-your-own-activity-plan unit in P.E. That was pretty fun, but some people had to go out to restaurants and get us all in trouble! And then some biyatch had to tattle on everyone ‘cuz she got caught heading home in her car! My god, physical activity just leads to some pretty hellacious stuff. I need a beer

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