Father’s Day

Alright, it’s been a couple days since my last blog. Even though it wasn’t exactly about MapleStory.

I don’t exactly celebrate Father’s Day. Don’t plan to keep in contact with my dad. Don’t feel pity on me, it’s better for MY life that he isn’t in it. Anywho… I spent most of the day just messing around on MapleStory. My mom actually ordered Pizza Hut: Wing Zone. Mmm, I love me some BBQ wings. I snacked on those with some of their potato thing-mabobs while running around MapleStory.

I went in for an APQ after awhile, first one was alright. Didn’t get an apple though ! Second one, oh lord. I was the ONLY 4th job. Everyone else was in their 7x, minus the ONE 9x. They were all of the warrior class too. I pretty much solo’d Giest. During the boss stage, this level 74 WK kept using a shield crash skill, not sure of the name honestly, but all I could do was laugh. Someone kept bickering at him to quit trying to use it because it wouldn’t work anyways. The convo went something like this:
Starsomething: Stop trying to use that skill lol it isn’t guna do anything
lvl 74 WK: I have a 27% chance of it working!
Starsomething: dude… it won’t work
me: if dispell doesn’t work on grog.. what makes you think THAT will? just quit it and attack
lvl 74 WK: SEE IT JUST WORKED! (grog went from magic attack only to weapon attack only)
me: -F7-

After we finally got past that.. I managed to get an apple and some chews . During the APQ, the leader had said something like “bradly you look like baby loopedd!” I told my guildmates and we all enjoyed a good laugh. Then someone busted out with “LOL! LOOPEDD IS YOUR DADDY!”. I found it ironic seeing as today was Father’s Day. I decided to pay a visit to my “newly-found father” lol. I got there and started spamming “DADDY” and “DAD”. Loopedd just stood there F6ing me. I actually recorded it all and made a video of it. Ended up throwing in some old video clips I had sitting around on my computer. I uploaded the whole thing onto my youtube [

] <if anyone wants to check it out.

After all that, I had a Zakum Run. It went well, I lagged a bit at the beginning but I think that’s because some idiot kept spamming Blizzard as Zak was summoned. I had a couple laughs during it as well. The leader of the zrun is also my guild leader. She ended up dying 3 times on a buyer’s character. Then someone invited someone to the guild and kicked them out then invited them again. I had guild chat off so I didn’t know what the hell they were doing. Later on I came to find out it was a guildmate’s nub.

We got a couple drops this run. Which is a lot of relief because the past few haven’t given much of anything for us ! This run’s pay should be pretty decent. We got a Beheader, Dimon wand, and some 4th job skills. I don’t remember exactly what they were. Oh well.

After that I decided to train a bit since I haven’t since I got 4th job. Just been leeching exp from my zruns. I was looking around Basil a few weeks back, noticed Nest Golems drop “dragon spirit” I really didn’t believe this until tonight. I had only been at newts for about 5 mins and one drops. It was so weird because I was spacing out and thought I had seen a dragon scale fall but it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Then dragon spirit fell. I have to double check when it fell .
I found out that TT eats my stars up pretty fast too ! But while I went to recharge I noticed I had looted a mage overall. I could see why I didn’t notice, it was green lol.

After all that, I got an APQ ticket and ran off to FM to get a spot. My friend gave me a free set of tobi. Cha-ching. I also found out I’ll be a perma-runner for TWO runs on wednesdays !

Today’s been an alright day. I’m bored now so I might just go watch some movies.

12 thoughts on “Father’s Day”

  1. Dang, major blog improvement. Like, this is the stuff that gets you the lades n’ stuff. This is the stuff that gets you access to other peoples’ accounts. ;D

  2. No one APQs in SEA anymore, it’s sad. ._. I miss killing that big purple abomination.

  3. You got shunned by Looped. SHUUUNNED! That’s usually my job as a WK to get shunned, Good luck on your zruns!

  4. What i hate is that the high levels almost NEVER talk to regular ppl, they piss me off >.>


  5. MasterCheeze said: “Dang, major blog improvement. Like, this is the stuff that gets you the lades n’ stuff. This is the stuff that gets you access to other peoples’ accounts. ;D”

    @Cheeze: I wonder if anyone else regrets it like I do. . . Who’s gonna believe that I started liking ponies and stickers and lip gloss? I’ve had major accidents with 2/3 of those!

    @iBradly: I love your character’s look! I once went around Windia collecting child support. I believe I made a little over 400k that day.

  6. Trinity said: “What i hate is that the high levels almost NEVER talk to regular ppl, they piss me off >.>


    LoOpEdd is quiet to bein with . Korwyn is really nice though, 99% of the time he will stop to talk to you unless he’s in the middle of doing something or going somewhere to do something lol.

  7. Major upgrade with the blog content and length.

    Nice job.


    EDIT: @applebomb: Child support. . . On maple? o-o Aren’t all characters on Maple midgets with diseased heads or something?


  8. Just a random thought: With those big heads, I guess labour for the mothers must be darn difficult. >.>

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