A Hero’s Struggle Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: The Dragon, The City, and A Hope

I’ve been going slightly insane for this pain that dwells in my brain. ~Damian

Something rose from the trees, moving so fast it was a gigantic blur. The flying creature soared into the sky and hid in the low and gray clouds, which had so rapidly formed. Rearing back, it opened his mouth and let out a deafening roar, a warning. A storm was due.

Down below, the boys heard the roar which added one more fear in their great amount of them. There were monsters huddling around the white ruins, closing off any escape. Hundreds of the green-capped monsters with white round bodies could be seen in the forest, shuffling towards the two boys.

Fear and despair surged through them. Damian pointed up in a motion, and they frantically made their way onto the highest wall. Anything to stall their deaths. The living things quickly sealed up the area and flocked around the wall. Then they proceeded to crash into the structure, attempting to bring it down. The wall shook, bringing stones and dust trickling down; the boys concerned themselves with keeping balance. Overhead, the clouds were becoming grayer, signaling an imminent storm . Damian was looking up, seeing if there was any escape plausible.

Something suddenly burst out of the thick layer of clouds, and descended straight down. The first image Damian saw was the beast’s face. It had large jaws with sharp teeth and a long snout. It was all supported on a gigantic tail. Wings sprouted from the upper portion of its blue body. The monster was of epic size, something that seemed impossible to defeat.

The beast came hurtling through the air and rose up. It was heading straight for the wall, threatening to bash through it. The next moment, an instinctive force propelled Damian into the atmosphere and he grabbed onto the dragon’s scales. Bricks were ripped apart and projected off in random directions as the enormity drove right through it with ease. The other boy fell to the ground, surely about to become prey to the monsters waiting.

Damian struggled to gain a better hold on the dragon. He was high above the forest, sailing ever higher. He took a downward glance. Green tops of trees filled his sight. He could see the forest cut off not far from his last location on the ground. His eyes straying farther, lit up as he saw a thicker wall. It was square in shape and in the border lay something that Damian couldn’t perceive. Damian became more nervous as he started losing focus of the earth below. But there was adrenaline coursing through him and he was determined to hang on for his life.

The behemoth swerved around, now flying back closer to earth. It accelerated, the distance narrowing briskly. Does it even realize it has a passenger? The ground screamed into view and Damian immediately became aware that it did know. It was going to try and smash him into the ground, the impact would surely send him crashing into the mob of monsters which seemed like a very minuscule problem now. His heart pumped faster and he took his chance, activating the plan he had rapidly composed. The ground was there, right below him, his feet pushed off the crazy train and he dove off the side. An earthquake took place as the gigantic monster plowed into the dirt, heavily denting it. Damian felt it as the green grass rose up to meet him.

Momentarily stunned, the dragon’s wings craned it’s heavy self into the air. Then it took off again.

Damian fleetingly looked around him and noticed something peculiar. The green monsters were backed away from him, almost as if he was repelling them. A breeze pricked his shoulder. He whipped his head around and his eyes burst with surprise. A tiny white bird occupied the air inches from his shoulder. It was crafted out of heavenly light. Hovering in place, the light didn’t seem to shine out of it, instead it looked like it was embodying the animal. We are one, I shall protect myself. Strange. Everything was just incredibly weird to him. He could understand everything happening around him, accepting it easily. Even the new places he had discovered only surprised him for minutes. But these strange feelings in his head were too much to bear. Who are you he mentally shouted, in a voice full of frustration. A riddled answer fired back You are speaking to yourself

Breaking free of his trance, he asked himself in a roused manner where his friend was. The dragon was right there, pushing through the air and upon him. There were seconds to dodge. The boy jumped up, and then the behemoth smashed into him. Jaws snapping and teeth smashing, it could not get a taste of the boy as he had been pummeled into it’s snout, shirking death by inches. There was still no image of the other guy that was accompanying him anywhere. He must be already dead, he sadly thought.

Through the trees, Damian caught sight of dark and mysterious shapes breaching into the forest. The dragon was traveling just above the trees now, getting closer to the end of the woodlands. Damian was forcing himself to hang on. If only I could just get a bit higher. He looked around for the iridescent bird that he had shared an emotional connection with as if it was part of him. It was nowhere. Many speculations streamed through his head as he was struggling to get onto the flat area of the rapid moving leviathan’s nose.

Finally! His straining muscles pushed him up, and he stumbled across it’s wide nose. All of a sudden, the creature bounced up, sending him reeling into the air. He luckily landed on the tail, his arms hugging it’s round tail. Slowly, he crawled across the back, strapping himself close to the creature and moving toward it’s head awkwardly. Lifting his chin forcefully, he found that they were approaching the walls he had seen before. This monster was smart; Damian could tell it was designing ways to squish him into a hard surface. He confirmed that there actually were people snaking into the forest. Others, many others, I just have to get to the wall and then I’ll be safe. Come on! He was relieved, yet he recognized he was still in danger.

Instead of heading to the wall, the next instant the dragon had turned and was flying a good distance from the wall, heading along it.

An undecipherable word echoed into the sky. Damian’s eyes reflected the dozens of arrows that had been immediately launched in response to the command . The deadly wooden missiles whizzed over his head and some managed to strike the flying monstrosity. An arrow cut through the air, Damian peered at it with real fear. His head zoomed down. The arrow, moments before staring into his right eye, sped off. Damian breathed faster, the air tasted so much more sweeter than it had mere seconds ago.

The path angled off towards the wall and they reached it with a renewed burst of speed. It did not stop. The amazing beast bowled into the line of archers standing at that area. Its speed permitted it to dig into the wall and huge chunks of rocks came off. Bounding up, it slid against the wall. The bowmen in his way either chose to jump off or be pushed off. Rocks were grinding off the wall, flinging behind the dragon and spraying to the sides of it.

He felt a wetness splash against his cheek. The first drop of the torrent. Damian looked down at the wall where men were being hopelessly cleared off the top of the wall. Then he saw a sword leap into the air. A man had thrown it up into the air as he had been shoved aside like a queen in a chess game. The boy saw the opportunity and lifted the top of his body, his legs saddling the tail. His hand snatched the hilt of the sword, bringing it into his possession. Immediately, he swung it at the side of the monster.

Nothing, it hadn’t even cut through the tough hide. Drops of rain were becoming a bit more numerous. Streaks of lightning and sharp clasps of sound warned of the onslaught of rain about to arrive. The dragon became wise to the failed blow. Once again, it’s body skipped into the air, it’s tail moving like a wave, and then all hell happened instantly.

The dragon twisted around. Inexpectant, Damian was thrown off the mount, and his back took the hit as he landed on the flat area of the wall, coasting backwards with the motion. He could see death right above him and he had to do something. Anything or he would be rammed flat into the stone of the wall. Damian’s mind began churning again. The rain began coming down in quicker streaks, the storm rapidly developing. A mile of the wall had been destroyed. But none of this entered the mind he was trapped in, his eyes uselessly staring at the nearing blue above him. And then a light ignited.

He realized he was holding the sword above his head. The whole of his back rested on the wide wall and the sword was risen and pointing at the monster that came smashing down with great force. A fire suddenly outlined the blade of the sword. At the same time, his thoughts seemed to drain and energy emptied from him. The dragon landed on it, the sword cutting into it with the extra aid of the fire. His hands held onto the hilt with a deadly grip, his face flushing with red as the dragon drifted to a halt.

The cut expanded and the motion of the dragon ceased. The weight pushed down on Damian, cutting down his already wasted breath. The wall toppled as the weight became too much to handle. Darkness had already infiltrated Damian’s vision right after the magic had come out of him. Finally, he could sleep and escape into a different and less-confusing world. Damian dropped along with the rain,the exploding rocks, and the dragon in a storm of chaos. The storm was over and another one was already replacing it, the downpour washing away the blood of the dragon.

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  1. The action was easier to follow, but some of your diction is choppy.

    Down below, the boys heard the roar which added one more fear in their great amount of them.

    -=The Nazgul=-

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