If seeds works,how bout a mushroom?

During one of my recent full pqs,a thought came to my mind.
My 1st comic thingy btw

While we are on the topic of comics,this funny incident happened too .

Eon too,presents, her pride and joy.
Whom she was actually crazy enough to remake another dit of the same built with just slightly lesser str to see the dmg at lvl66. (It was suppose to be lvl65,but accidentally under-added str for 1 lv)
Name censorship due to posting it in another forum where i want her identity to be a secret :3
And 50 pirate pqs later,she gets her pirate hat!

Glitch pq.
I remember when Now (she’s 126 now) was of OPQ levels,the glitch back then in the pq was to have one smuggler smuggle 6 (yes 6,or as many as he has) storage pieces and hand it out to every siingle member.
One simple trick later= EXP X everyone who did the stage properly.

Then the patch came.
Glitch gone.

Another glitch came by and went. (By then Now was 1xx or sth)

Then When,the 2nd dit,was created.

And to her surprice,SRpq was invented by then.

To top it with cherry,one of her guild mates,along with her extra computor,made it possible.

And at 6x,the newly invented
Gpq,not to be mistaken for Guild pq,
was born.

Smugglers become ‘Glitchers’,where they would pass around leaders and clear the stage together.
Similer as to the 1st glitch i faced,only with plugouts and plugins involved.

Its amazing how people think of these things.

Edit: how i wish there’s a preview button for this ._.’ Its annoying to re-update it everytime.

6 thoughts on “If seeds works,how bout a mushroom?”

  1. Sweetheart, you don’t usually punch bosses. -.- Try Moscutters or something, lesser people to bug you with.

  2. Apes+ are fine depending on your level. More hp = more punching = less switching of targets.

  3. Well, but people need bosses for their quests. If I were that girl, I wouldn’t KS, yeah, but I’ll still feel irritated that just because you wanna punch, you’re hogging the one and only spawn that I can use to complete my quest. ._. Normal mobs are durable enough if you nerf your damage enough. :X

  4. I was punching w8 weapons!
    And i went all the extrile mile to war chn to finish my quests ._.’
    Normaly,people wait for the boss mah D: since i was tranning,

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