Wow took them long enough to put a mabinogi section. Well I’ve been playing since open beta, and i find this game to be pretty good. Except it can get very repetitive at times(well whats new??). Errr, pretty much to sum up my playing time its just this

1) i made my character and began training it.

2)Somehow alby normal dungeon was hard 0_o

3)finally owned alby

4)owned ciar beginner dungeon with reletive ease

5)Got better weapons

6)Rebirth (i reseted my level and age from age 16 and level 31 back to age 10 and level 1)

7)Finally killed the succubus in Rabbie Dungeon

WOW, now that i think about it this hasn’t exactly been that complicated

3 thoughts on “Mabinogi”

  1. I found Alby Normal incredibly easy. Just hit, defend, hit, counter attack, defend, hit, rinse, repeat. And tI pwned it even though I was level 1 and at age 10. (Rebirth)

  2. That was before i rebirthed had bad skills and that dam eiry sword as my only weapon and concentrated too much on beating everything with a few icebolts or a fully charged fire bolt and never used melee skills,

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