Magician Vs. Bowmen

Ok. I’m going to make sort of a fanfic to entertain me. Here goes. Sorry if it sucks. >.>
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PART 1!! (Part 2 coming soon; maybe later if you like)
A slim and pretty magician apprentice slithered out of the shadows. Her face looked like a fresh and ripe peach, and with lips as sweet and colorful as a rose. Her hazel eyes made you think of a nice summer day. She took out her wand, and sadly hit the slime before her. “Congratulations,” The old master, Grendel said. “You have completed my task…” The master looked thoughtful. The girl looked concerned. “Yes, Master? What’s the matter?” Her master looked back at her. “Oh, nothing really. I can’t believe it, Doriko, you are becoming a better magician every other day,” He smiled. Doriko blushed. She always got the same compliments, but now it seemed as if they were true. Doriko slowly started towards the door. “Doriko?” The master’s voice came out gently. Doriko hurriedly turned back to her master. “Yes, sir?” She said politely. The old man smiled. “Would you mind warming up some tea for me?” He said, trying to be polite as she had been. Doriko relaxed at his words. Good, she thought. It’s not another task. She got him a warm cup of tea and set off towards her changing room.

She changed into simple, plain, Human clothes and entered her house. “Why, hello there, Mother!” She smiled at her mother. “Well, welcome back, sweet Doriko! How was your day?” The mother jerked a smile in her direction. “Fine,” Came a simple answer from Doriko. Typical. Her little sister came tumbling down the stairs. “Dori! Dori! Look what I made,” She held up in her hands a small white swan made of origami. Doriko smiled. “Great work, Nami! You may just be better than me, one day!” Doriko went to her room silently. She could never let her family know she was a magician apprentice. They would freak and lock her up. She feared one day that would be her fate, but her usually calm master tended to make her feel her usual self. She sat down in her soft, plush chair and thought about her task. He’s a great guy, Doriko thought. Only if he…… Only if he what? Doriko didn’t know. There was a flaw, she could tell, but she didn’t know what it was yet. But in the end she found out. She wasn’t supposed to…

Part 2~ (Came way early)
Doriko sat glumly against her soft, pillow-like bean bag chair. She thought about her day, about completing her task, and about becoming stronger. Was it true? Was she becoming stronger every single day? Only time could tell. “I know,” Doriko said out loud. She covered her mouth and giggled. “Oops,” She remembered about not talking about Magician stuff in her house. She crept to her bed and lay down for a minute. I’m so worn out, she thought. Magic is a lot of hard work. She gathered herself and went to her computer. “Maybe posting in my blog would help…” She trailed off as she clicked a link labeled ‘Blogs For U!’ and typed up a blog about her average day… How she went outside, had an exam, and passed it. All of the Magician stuff turned into normal, every day Human things. Doriko’s plan was to become a full fledged Magician and then tell her family the truth – make peace. But she had her doubts, too. She kept a blog, reminding herself that she had a Human life too. Seventy-five percent of her day was spent on Magician things. She closed her computer and went to her bed to sleep.
[[To be continued;]]

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