a day in maple

well, i wanted to make an account with my name from mmotales (paroxyde) and everything was going good.
my friend who was lv 15, trained me until i was lv 10 and a swordsman. i was looking around and they have some colorful and powerful characters. i was fighting around henesys when i saw some guy with red hair, and he pwns.
all of his attack damage were extremely high. he told me that he fought pianus and zakum. but he lost to both of them

im gonna train until lv 30, then im just gonna chill in maple and talk to friends

and that was my day in maple

2 thoughts on “a day in maple”

  1. Meh. . .It’s pretty good but if all you did was that then try to do something else too. . .
    If not please put in : D

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