[Fanfic]The Devil’s Child 5

Chapter 5-The identity of Rhode
Rhode spotted a gate in the distance.

‘Is that th…’.

‘Yes it is’ Leon butted in, reading her mind.

She fell silent. Somehow, she began to grow uneasy. The path lead to a busy marketplace.

‘Oww! Dont hit me!’ Leon snarled, as something hit his back hard.

‘It aint me! Both my hands are busy at the moment you know’ Rhode defended, lifting her hands to where Leon could see them.

‘Well if it isn’t the lame pussy boy’ a voice sniggered in the background.’ I see that he has survived and got himself a Girlfriend.’ He pointed out.

The two turned around, faces ever so red. A gruff-looking boy was talking to them, with his guild following behind him.

‘A girlfriend, you say?’ Rhode replied in a rather low and raspy tone, signalling Leon to stand on his own.

The guy did not get the hint.

‘Yeh, you whore, got anything to …. ooof’

He was interrupted by a punch.

‘Got anything to say?’ Rhode finished his sentence, in a rather sarcastic sweet tone.

The boy staggered, stunned by the extent of the punch.

‘Is that all you got?’ He sneered, not wanting to loose face in front of his peers.

He made a sudden dash and threw a punch at her, but Rhode dodged it smoothly. The boy fell to the floor, his peers sniggering in the background.

‘Why, you little brat!’ He snarled,’ Lucky Seven!’

Several icicles flew past her.

‘Always study your opponent before making a move first, dummy. ’Rhode muttered under her breath. (She had already analysed him long ago)

She swiftly dodged all of his attacks, closed in on him and homed a punch in his jaw.

‘That wasn’t even good enough as exercise’ she sneered, making her way back to Leon.

‘Let’s go!’

‘You..you know, that’s the brotherhood guild!’ Leon stammered, his eyes wide open.’ You just trashed the guild master Stan!’

‘Oh,is that so? Then I wonder how he leads his guild with that ego of his’She replied loudly, making sure that the guild could hear her. Stan’s face burned red.

As they walked off, Stan, furious, stood up and shouted ‘Who are you? Which class are you from! Come back here!!’

Rhode turned around, annoyed.

‘Rhode and guess’ she replied mischievously and walked off.

Stan squinted. She had no quiver, no sword nor sheath as far as he could see. A thief then? It explains her agility and speed, he reasoned, but she only used her fists during the fight. He looked carefully once more. She was holding no weapon nor would anyone ever put theirs in their bag or pocket .Anyway, her clothes did not match any class at all.

‘Rhode!!’He yelled, causing her to turn around.

‘The Devil’s child, arn’t you?’

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To utilise my two comps,i had my dit afk with the good one with several anime videos running,and my mage running around thunderbolting on several safe spots all over truckers and dying at least 4 times in the process while i watched my anime.

Wow that was one hell of a long sentence 0_o

Oh yar!
My 1st lv for my shadower this year! (Beat you impy ) (impy rite? ._.” i forgot who it was again)
Lv 127! LOL

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