Wait. I’ve been here before!

To begin here, a formal apology from me to ALL of you.

I’ve been lazy, MMOTales. Seriously. I don’t know when my last blog was posted at… And right now as I’m typing I feel too lazy to calculate the amount of days. We’ll just leave it at… “Very very long time Snox. Shame on you.

Where I left on from before, I was just a Hunter in Kradia. And because of *coughcough*. Reasons. And stuff, I decided: “Screw Kradia (Not the people <3), I have real friends on Broa!”

So yeah. I quit Broa, moved to Kradia. And server-switched to Broa on my Hunter. Which is epicly good, because he’s been turning out pretty well. Infact, he’s level 61, 70%. I can almost TASTE Ranger. And when I sleep, I dream of me running in a field of flowers, strafing nearly every snail in HHG.


Right. Anyway. As it turns out, most of the buddies on Broa quit. And or is on a looooong hiatus. They’ll be back though. They’re ALWAYS back.

Anyway, with some old-time friends from a long time ago with me, I ran around for a few weeks on Broa. Just chillin’, LMPQing every once in awhile (and getting a crapload of money while doing so…), meeting even more new Broan buddies along the way. Looks like smooth pavement from here on.

And today… Well stuff was pretty normal. I hauled myself out of bed at about 10:00 AM (Yeah. That’s really early for me. ), walked around, poored myself some OJ, spent an hour or so watching TV, then went upstairs and started to Maple again. And later that afternoon, a friend came online.

And uhh. From that point on, important conversation. Not that you need to know what was said. . But yeah. I feel a little more relaxed now, knowing that everything’s set up now. All I have to do is stop being lazy, and pull all the effort from my body into LMPQ. Which… Won’t be hard. Considering I’m the most horrible grinder known to man. So I plan on LMPQing through the ENTIRE thing. Which will only help my poverty situation. Plus, I can get a mount this way.

…Come to think of it… I could go for a Monster right now. Maybe I’ll just chill out and wait ’till my Desktop’s internet comes back in the morning. (Internet issues. Bleh. Using my dad’s computer.) 1:27 AM right now. I’ll pull an all-nighter and sleep for twenty minutes! . Sugar craze. Mmmyes.

I’m actually going to do that now, better enjoy my break while I can.

So cheers MMOTales! Tonight, I leave with good thoughts in my head. And a wine-glass of Orange Juice to all of you! As well as a muffin.

This isn’t a farewell, it’s a hello.

~”Snox” AKA: RisingAegis of Broa, Level 61 Hunter

12 thoughts on “Wait. I’ve been here before!”

  1. Cheers. What time was it when you wrote this?
    ‘Cause here it’s 2:30 in the morning.

    Good luck with everything, I concur.

  2. I reallt shouldn’t be up, I have work tomorrow.


    And I don’t get why you have to apologize.

  3. Lawls.

    I can almost TASTE Ranger. And when I sleep, I dream of me running in a field of flowers, strafing nearly every snail in HHG.

    <3 You have the right mentality, you do. But just wait till you dream of running through a field of flowers,Raining on everything in sight. You don’t even need to stop out of range of the snail. ^_^

  4. Hey, welcome back!
    Lol, You’re not lazy, I’m lazy! Lazydame. . .
    Three days till spring break! ! !

    I had to wake up at 6 A.M. today to go to work
    Lol, I’ve probably woken up intentionally that early only 2 times in my life!

    ~LaZzz. . .(Good luck getting to 3rd soon!)

  5. Snox. . . Two months isn;t a long time.

    There’s almopst a year between my second last and third last blog.

    *Beats salf on head with desk*

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