LMPQ ftw.


I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Everyone keeps talking about how it’s awesome money and awesome exp, all rolled up into a neato burrito of awesomeness.

But still – it’s a PQ. Can’t be better than training. If I train, I know I can level at least once a day. With PQs, it’s pretty unpredictable. I could level twice a day or not at all, depending on the relative intelligence of whoever’s in the party and how many people are trying to get in to PQ at the same time. But I was bored and didn’t feel like training – after having to kill hundreds of thousands of electrophants, robots and whatnot for those stupid NLC quests, I didn’t want to see another monster again – sooo…

I went off to Ludi to LMPQ.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t very crowded at all. But that also meant that finding a party would be slightly more difficult. I had to spam ‘Joining PQ.’ in channel one for about five minutes before someone finally invited me to a party. It was worth it, though. To my immense shock (and relief), the others in the party were… well, not retarded! And they could actually talk without repeatedly raping the English language. Sweet. I guess all the idiots from LPQ were off glitch OPQing. Oh well, more people to pass in the ranks when they all get stuck at level 7x, poor and too impatient to train legitimately.

Actually getting into the PQ was no problemo either. No 40-minute waits and constant complaining about how the party inside is -still- at stage 8. Each PQ was about a minute long, so it didn’t even matter if we missed.

But we didn’t miss. After a minute or two of sitting around and chatting (on my new Warrior’s Throne – 2 days of quests for 10 more HP recovered every few seconds, whatudge?), we were in. I’d watched a few videos on LMPQ, so I knew how it went – go in, do rooms 6 and 7, go out, collect prize, NPC, go back in, rinse and repeat. Ended up running into a bit of trouble with the portals, though.
By the time everyone else had finished rooms 6 and 7, I was still in room 4.

“Guys, what’s 4 + 7?”

I blame exhaustion for my sudden lack of basic addition skills.
Seriously, I was tired to the maaaaax. >_>

But I found my calculator, and all was well. At least, until I got killed by tauros. Three times. Aaand accidentally NPCed my pizzas while getting rid of PQ prizes. The prizes were nice, though. I made about 100k every NPC run/repot. By the time I decided I had to go to bed, I’d amassed close to a mil – just from NPCing prizes.
Not bad. Not bad at all.

I didn’t level though, since I started out at 20% and didn’t have a whole lot of time to play.

Buuuut I leveled twice today! And gained a little over 2 mil. At this rate, I’ll have enough for a decent PAC in a few days. Which is way awesome.

And yeah, sorry about the majorly craptacular blog. I’m writing this at a quarter past two in the morning, and I’m basically falling asleep at my desk. But I haven’t blogged in forever (read: 5 days) so yeah. Deeeeal with it. >:[


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You know you want to.

PPS: Froggy wanted to be mentioned. So now he is.

16 thoughts on “LMPQ ftw.”

  1. Woah, the noobs from LMPQ all seem so long ago o_o

    Half of them were convinced there was a bonus to LMPQ ._.



  2. Reve said: “Oh. My.

    . . .

    Is LMPQ in MapleSEA? Because if it is, I might just rejoin maple.”

    Nope, ‘fraid not.
    At least, I don’t think so.

  3. Reves said: “Woah, the noobs from LMPQ all seem so long ago o_o

    Half of them were convinced there was a bonus to LMPQ ._.



    Haha, well, it was a totally new PQ back then. S’pose it’s natural to expect a bonus stage, since all the other PQs have one.

  4. Yay for yet another new LMPQ’er!

    Maybe we can LMPQ together sometime. My friends say I’m a decent clicker.

  5. Omg, I LOVE LMPQ. .__.
    I’m always usually leading them and I get in 95% of the time but after a while of PQing through the WHOLE level it gets boring and becomes more like breathing. XD

  6. This blog totally made me want to go back to MS. ._.”

    I was really good at leading in OPQ’s and LPQ’s. . . was able to beat lots of people. ^^’ But since I gave my account away to some random person. . .

    AGH! Gotta stop thinking about it, anyways, just checking back, and the first blog that I see makes me feel nostalgic. ;_;

  7. LMPQ = best PQ.
    Which doesn’t really say much, but heck.
    (HPQ = second best PQ )

  8. RussetAure said: “Translation: she’s too lazy to go to Ludi.

    Sometimes I am too because I want to hang out with my wuvable widdle gullible 13 year old ShiningWings.


  9. i remember the good old days in LMPQ. i remember the one time i was leader for an hour. nerve racking so i went super fast to the point some of the guys didnt get in lol

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