In this blog…


• Anyone who knows what Zakum Groups are recruiting Bishops.


• Anyone who plays Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.


8 thoughts on “In this blog…”

  1. Well, I do play touhou games, but I didn’t hear about this one.
    And Forum please.

  2. I was hoping for quick answers. Not a long drawn out thread.

    Besides, it’s always easier coming back to the same blog to check for updates. ಠ_ಠ

  3. Uh sleepywood?
    Eh, I’ll try to use my nooby skills of searching around the site, I just joined but I’ll link it!

    Found it!
    how lucky, I could only find it for bera! Yeah, group names here and from what I’ve heard of sleepywood, they make sure guilds are legit so you should be safe on that

    Okay, good luck on getting your helm!

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