2 Years and abit

Haha well hi again all .
Yeah ive been playing in Windia for over 2 years started on valentines day and i just hit me about how bad at lvling i actually am haha , But on a positive note i finally got my sin to hermit-hood (Sorry blaze i beat you :o).
I have to say out of all of the lvls and % on my sin lvl 69, 85% had to be the hardest it felt like it dragged on for hours :[.
Besides hitting hermit ive vastly come into rather alot of cash which i spent on some rather sweet equipts for my hermy all i need now is to trade my 9 att wg for a 11 att scg and im set, Apart from bragging alot (haha) i havent been up to much!
In a guild called “Navi” joined when i was 5x i have to say they are truely an amazing guild always active and there is almost always one person on who i can chat and have a laugh with, I also came into contact with afew of my Old old school friends ;P which was also a great time for me!
Yeah well, i havent been amazing at writing blogs…. EVER but here are 2 of the tons of screenies i took haha and i hope you enjoyed my blog <3
Lots of smiles from your very very old dragon…
Remember make dreams reality ;D

5 thoughts on “2 Years and abit”

  1. Mek longer blogs nekst taime plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    And congrats on 3rd job. I still have to haul my ass to level 60. >_>


  2. Third Job ! The one everyone dreamed for .

    Before Fourth Job came out that is :/

    Still , Grats ! :]

  3. Lol, I thought it was good length,
    good enough to tell a story!

    Nice! Lol, I really liked this blog a lot!
    Good luck on traveling further on your journey!

  4. Congratulations~ I’m terrible at levelling too, so you’re not alone, wot? ^^

  5. Same goes for me, silver!
    Lol, actually I think this site is for like the lazy levelers out there. XD
    Lol, if we trained as much as we wrote. . .
    I’d be lvl 200!

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