I begin my journey..

Hey guys!

Sorry, I havent’ been posting much since I go to camp. I finialy started my new character! (My laptop’s keyboard is not working very well so there will be gramaitic errors). He’s in Windia and currently lv11 (almost 12). I officialy started him yesterday. I dont really have much time to play tho.

Anyway, his name is ReDSnoop in case you want to add him some time and just say hi. I mean, who wouldn’t? I will try to train him to level 70. I might get NX for him also. Anyways, I use PayByCash, cuz I don’t have any other choice. He’s going to be an assassin, and then eventually a hermit and yada yada yada. I’m trying to search how to run MS without installing it. The link altessa provided was well, gone. Sorry! Thanks for helping tho.

ReDSnoop is named after my friend who I really like and stuff. Yeah, it’s not really copying, it’s like admiring that person. Actually, “adore” would be a better word. Oh well, I can’t wait till I’m over level 30 (or level 30). But I’ll try best as I can. Whatever, I don’t wanna get obsessed and addicted (if I’m not already). So wats up all? Any happenings? I gotta go soon. So sometimes I wonder if NX is worth it, other than for the hair and eyes and stuff. I mean, the stuff expires in 3 monthes. I understand tho, Nexon needs money to keep up maple you know. Whoa!

It’s starting to pour! I gotta go. Anything to discuss? Sorry if I was short today! G’night, morning, and have a good day! TAKE CARE!

– SomeonezStory aka ReDSnoop aka Slughead aka everything else

P.S. I’m also reading books and doing other stuff like crazy since it’s the summer. I don’t want to forget everything for school. If you visit a country and learn a new language, you might find that you forgot some English words! So go for whatever you’re going for! Happy Mapling!

P.S.S. Boy am I glad we have internet now and not snail mail. How in the world would we play Maple? ( jk,) there are other important things. Anyways, l8er fello maplers.

P.S.S.S. I will start 2 add pics soon!(almost typed SON)!

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  1. O.o P.P.S? It’s P.S.S. that’s how everyone does it, what does it stand for anyways?

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