I quit.

I quit.

Retired would be more accurate, though. But, in any case, Maple Story has no trace on this ‘new’ computer of mine. I say ‘new’ because it’s not “old,” but it’s not “new,” either.

So I decided to take a new desktop picture, at link

And you realize it’s worth taking a picture of a desktop with a wallpaper you volunteered to finish, when one of your friends wanted you to finish.

Technically, I can draw, but it will end up taking me hours for a small part. You can probably guess the time I spent on this paper and what part of it I had contributed…

But enough about that…

I did start DL’ing games… MWS, Starcraft, NWN2, KotOR2, Mabinogi, Guild Wars, RO2, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Assassin’s Creed, among other things.

Couldn’t find a good icon for Creed on my stupid Dock, so that was depressing…

I’m DL-, I mean obtaining Call of Duty 4 at the moment, and I’m totally using legal methods to procure a copy for myself, so… Yeah…

I think I have a personality distortion when it comes to buying things, IRL: for example, there are times when I can spend anywhere between $20 and $200 on things that won’t stay with me forever. Yet, there are times when I don’t even look at anything that I would otherwise buy.

Funny, huh?

On the note of comics: as soon as I get my CS2, (not Counter Strike, mind you), back, I’ll try to start working on Part.. 4, is it?

I just need more characters… That random character button sure looks fun.. But I’ll need names…

Just remember kids:

Must construct additional py- wait, I play Zerg, not Protoss. >_>


~Blog finished @ 11:18 PM, PST.

Any mistakes or typos may have been caused by:

• Doing Algebra II homework at the same time during the writing of this blog.
• Listening to the phenomena that is rap and opera combined in “Libera me” from hell” while doing said things.
• Avoiding random, parental, encounters.

7 thoughts on “I quit.”

  1. Holy.

    and play SMS like the rest of us >=D (lulwut?)

  2. I was about to type ‘Holy crap, you drew that wallpaper?’ then I realised that the above two already did it.



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