To Poor To Afford Cabal and Liquid Soap.

Todays modern world is very different from way back when. All the years way before kids started playing their poke a mon and using liquid soap. Back in the day, we did what the kids do back in the day. Play soccer and kick people’s garden gnomes. We didn’t have any fancy things such as Cabal, no we had radios and-

Rain! You mispelled cabel!

What the heck do you mean I mispelled cabel?! I spelled it right! C-A-B-A-L! Oh wait. . . Dang. But Cabal brings me to my next subject, Cabal Online. I downloaded the game last Friday for unknown reasons and. . . Wait, how can I blog without any music?

There we go. Now enjoy that and someone will get a cookie for guessing the correct name of this song. Well it’s a remix but you get the idea. Anyways I downloaded the game and made an account. Other way around really. Now after I logged in (No background music. What the hell?) and found two servers, Mercury and Venus. I chose Mercury because I didn’t like going to servers that’s Hot (Although Mercury is Hot now) and went to the character creation screen. Also, six free characters slots ftw. I selected a Warrior, why? I -beep- love big axe swords. I changed the hair color to a tan like color and entered. . .

Bloody Ice

The place was cold and the graphics weren’t that bad. I got my warrior up to level 6 doing quests and -beep-.

Two days later. (Sunday)

I got to level 15 or so. Just by doing quests and not grinding. OK I decided “what the hell, why not make a character in Venus?” and I did. Force Shielder, why? I dunno, because I’m a warrior/rogue type person. So I thought, “Why not make a Blader or Force Blader?” but I decided to become a warrior because I like being a warrior more than rogue.

That’s a big fat lie Rain!

Ignore the voice in the background. Anyways to this day DarkLeo92 is still just level 5 on Venus. Add him if you want. I play on Mercury as FireLeo86. Also I’m at level 27 as of today and I only played for five days. But I only have 300+k and I knew I should’ve sold my Chaos Lamps. Now I’ll stop this blog short on Cabal because I don’t want to waste your time with every detail of the game. Now onto other crap!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

Who likes that game? I like that game. I bought it. . . four weeks ago and it took my that long to beat both the game and post story line. Yay. I have a short quiz for you people here. Don’t worry it isn’t anything stupid. It just decides which Pokemon you are.

Q-You have to move a heavy suitcase. What will you do?

A- Carry it by myself.
Ask someone to help.
Make someone else do it!

Q: A fortune-teller says that you have a bad future ahead of you. How do you react?

A: Worry about it!
Forget about it.

Q: Can you strike up conversations with new people easily?

A: Yes!

Q: Someone who works at a store suggests an item that isn’t quite what you’re looking for. But you like this person. What do you do?

A: Say you don’t want it.
Say thanks… but say no.
Cave in and buy it.

Q: Are you male or female?

A: Male.

Alright that’s all the questions, I’ll PM the results to you. Also if anyone else has the game we can do friend rescues via Password. PM the password.

Now what else can we do? Nothing comes to mind, alright I’ll be playing Cabal now. Also, TF2 is addictive. I play on the 360 just add FireLeo86 to firends list and we can blow each other up via rockets and bombs.

12 thoughts on “To Poor To Afford Cabal and Liquid Soap.”

  1. Blargh, I haven’t been downloading Army of Two.

    I keep forgetting and I turn off my 360.

  2. Cabal is smexh. :X

    Lvl 102 Force Archer here, at CabalSEA Venus. I’d have made a warrior, I think, but then I saw the archer’s bow. And Thusly I Was Smitten. XD

    I guess you’re on the Global servers? ><

  3. Pretty much. I started playing it because my NX expired in Mabinogi and I’m afraid to play it because I might die.

  4. You’ll die in Mabinogi because of a lack in NX? O_O

    Don’t worry about the Alz in Cabal; the quests and NPCing of the average drops you get give enough Alz to tide you over and get all your skillz from the NPC. ^^ I haven’t NPC’d a single chaos lamp, just hoarded up all of them for a rainy day, lol. :X

  5. . . . I used my Chaos Lamps because of curiousity. >_> I had two of them too. WHY! Also in Mabinogi if you die you lose blessing that slow the rate of weapon duribility, enhances succsess rate for repairing, and dropping of equips.

  6. Well, they’re saying in the long run, it’s better to open Chaos Lamps. XD I’ve gotten not bad stuff from the lamps like map entry items, which are worth more than 250k and are very useful to me at my level. Even the pots and return stones are useful.

    You’ll get a lot more lamps in the future, especially when you start the Hidden Helper quests. I’ve accumulated an inventory page and more of them. Don’t sweat it.

  7. Wait, WHY DID I LIKE THIS BLOG? IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ‘Too Poor To Afford Cabal and Liquid Soap.’


  8. ‘Yes. You did misspell cable.’ DD Anywho, that’s teehee worthy. x3


  9. BlackNazgul said: “Lvl 100 Venus Force Blader .

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    Force Bladers are people who use god mode when they activaye BM1. Also if you’re doing that Nation thing, GL.

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