What Grim’s Been Up To

Blah… had to write this thing like… 12 times. So I’m writing this on WordPad, then just copying and pasting it.

Anyways.. what has Grimmy been up to?

Answer – Making a Lvl 128 Priest.

When did Grimno’s Priest go from lvl 83 to 128?
It didn’t, this isn’t the same Priest, and this isn’t the same MapleStory.

I’m playing on a LocalMS server.
Pretty fun. x80 EXP and x80 Mesos and such.
I got a Pirate Lord Hat Lvl 90
Haven’t got my Zakum (1) yet though…


On PW, its been kinda slow.
I’m now lvl 86…

[H]elios took some of Espada’s land, so thats good there.



Anyways… continuing on.

I did some cool sneaking moves against Espada during the Territory War.
Sometimes it went well, other times…



Back to MapleStory. I am one awesome Priest.
They have yet to release 4th Job, and I’m lvl 128.
Oh wells, the higher lvl, the more skills I’ll have when it comes out.
At lvl 128, I can lvl up at BoneFish in about… 15 minutes.
Yes… 15 minutes.
Cause every 1 BoneFish I kill gives me the exp value as if I killed 80.


I’ve also been playing GTA 4 alot.
Online too…

Note – I am one HECK of a Helicopter pilot!
(last 2 freeroams had about 5 people in each game commenting on my 1337 skills)



Well, thats about all for now.
Time to go check LocalMS forums.
LocalMS down atm, since they switching to Windows.
Help game run better!


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