Where is Da Lurve?

Hello! It’s been a long time =) Yay! *Hugs MMOT*

Lubbs da community.


Tazira reached 85 a coupla weeks ago. Something to celebrate about, right? Not. Everyone around are talking about making the 4th job advancement. Like this.

“Grats on 85! All the way to 120 man!”

A.K.A. “85 is good, but you’re nothing until 100+ so buck up and keep up with the rest!”

Eww, stressful. That’s what most of MapleSEA is about nowadays, levelling and levelling. And levelling. More people are getting up at 4am on Saturday to grab a spot at Mysterious Path 3 at the Singapore map (sweet exp), and train till Sunday when they collapse.

Which leaves me with one question: Where is the loveeeee? Da love. Da lurrrrrve.

Good friends on players’ buddy lists are those with high levels. Even better are friends with loads of cash so one can get mega-ed and cash gifts. And nothing beats having a bunch of 4th jobbers KSing the life outta that noob who defamed you.

Where’s the socialising gone? *Mourns the death of my old guild*

Therefore, 80 is the new low. Isn’t that sad?

It seems like SEA players are currently the least sociable and the ones who place utmost importance on levels. Or maybe it applies to countries with a more Chinese culture, I dunno. Think of the Taiwanese Maple player who soloed Zakum, as well as spending 5 hours soloing the left Horntail head. Many players are so proud of her, talking about an issue of national pride. I find it a little.. overboard.

This issue doesn’t just apply to Maple. It’s currently happening in Perfect World, Rakion, and Gunbound as well. I guess it’s happening in many other games too but I don’t play them XD. People do wanna level, and they do swear, but I just think kids in my country are overdoing it. Check out the stark difference in the chatboxes among the different country servers in Rakion.

Perhaps gamers in my country are much younger then those from other countries. Perhaps I ought to do an experiment. XD

I was just browsing through MapleGlobal’s homepage, and saw that Fangblade is 194. Then I thought about Ossaris of MapleSEA who is 200. I’m quite sure Ossaris started mapling way after Fangblade did. How about MrYandao, also 200? I heard there are 4 people who play that character in shifts. I dunno. I think a lot of Sg kids nowadays have not much of a life.

My friend’s sister had a real life boyfriend whom she met in Maple. The other day, the couple were having an argument at her house. She got quite upset and telephoned 2 guys whom she also met in Maple. The 2 guys popped up at her house, scolded the boyfriend and dragged him out.


6 thoughts on “Where is Da Lurve?”

  1. Normally you’d be able to tell who the mafia are from the smegas; they’re almost always the rich ones XD

  2. That’s gaming to the extreme,

    That’s not the first time I’ve heard about third jobbers feeling like they’re not good enough. It’s sad. I have respect for people who make it to the second job. It’s not easy for anybody out there especially if they’re not using NX. Plus MS isn’t only about levelling. A big part of MS are friends. I think if I didn’t have friends to talk to and to help me out, I probably wouldn’t even playing Maple today.

    National pride in games? o.O It might be just me but I don’t know how people can a game that seriously. For me, game stays in the game. It seems like this in-game marriage thing is kind of a bad idea because some people don’t know the difference between game life and irl. Especially since most of the players are under 18. I don’t know. This might be just me because I’m kind of anti-social. XD

    Anyways, great blog.

  3. Screw leveling D: . . . hanging out with random people you don’t know and acting like a total spaz is so much more entertaining than grinding for 10+ hours.

  4. I noticed that too. Therefore, I don’t MMO on Friday and Saturday nights when American middle schoolers play anymore but Saturday afternoons when European kids/young adults get on. I also find a lot of very polite and friendly Netherlanders and Polanders on FlyFF at my 2 A.M. and their 8-ish A.M.

  5. ZynGal said: “Therefore, 80 is the new low. Isn’t that sad?”

    ._. True.

    But hell, I’d rather concentrate on my studies. >>; And playing low-levelled characters is more fun anyhow; so fun I started a whole slew of little nubs lately.
    Oh, and it’s really funny how you see a lvl 15 character with more Cash Shop items that you have ever worn in any point of your 93 levels, and when it suddenly cries ‘dun ks me plz’, a whole GANG of 8x-12x++ characters descend upon HHG. >>; It’s like Mafia rule in MSEA, I tell you.

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