Valentines Day with Zhlink!

Tis the time of year, where everyone wastes about $20 or more on roses, teddy bears, and little trinkets.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Get to the bunker! To the bunker!

Everyone in my school was going around, giving gifts and saying the all usual,” Happy Valentine’s day. .”

Awww, young love.

Anyways, I also confessed to someone in the school as well.

Can’t tell you anything more than that, or I’ll be forced to make you gargle Listerine through your ears, wash your eyes with Dettol, and if those don’t work, assasinate you with a string of 5cm long candy floss. Yes, candy-floss.

Well, I was bored in class and I drew a rather cute picture in class. Or what some people felt was cute. Heh, kinda tells you how I felt that time.

Right, in Gunz.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell ya guys. I was so tempted to play Gunz again after reading some of the Gunz blog here. Now, I’m back in the game!

So, I played in a deathmatch in the Mansion map, the ‘default’ map everyone plays in. There were some funny stuff when I was playing it.

Unlucky Guy and Me were fighting and he was trapped at a dead end.
Unlucky Guy: *I can take him, easy. I have a machine gun. He only has two revolvers(Which, btw, do 46 damage per shot. almost as much damage as the level 15 Rockets. And it isn’t even meant to do splash damage.).
*Unlucky guys backs into a corner*
*I pulls out a knife and starts stabbing away, giving him too much flinching to change weapon.*
Unlucky guy(After dying): GHEY!

Beh heh heh..

Anyways, after that, I went to do a quest game. While I was playing, I got to the mini-boss stage. That’s when. . .


Annoying pop-up which belonged to Norton Antivirus said: ” We seemed to notice that you were in the middle of something crucial, thus we decided to interfere. We would like to say: In your face, and Would you like to check for any recently added updat-“

*Clicks NO ASAP and gets back to game*

*Sees character on the ground, obviously not taking a nap*


At least I got a Large Skull from it.



Oh yea, and Woot is a official word in the dictonary already.


Time to skip to reality.

Well, here’s a picture of the cover page of Melty Blood, thanks to H.X for helping me scan the picture!

Well, I continued to buy more comics from that store, bumping my total money used to buy comics from $121 to $171.

Well, damn. I buy alot of stuffs.

This time, I bought mostly Light Novels, mostly the Haruhi Suzumiya Franchises.


Plus, I totally trashed my friend in Gundam Seed Destiny: Federation VS ZAFT II PLUS for the PS2. Strike Noir rules all!

Also, I found another Ero-Visual Novel, thanks to help from my friend. Beh heh heh. . . Gonna go play it, and update you guys soon.

This is Zhlink, signing off.

P.S: Well, never has I encountered a ero scene so quickly in any game before. Damn. Caught me off guard.
P.S.S:Yes yes yes, Eona, gonna go online as soon as I reinstall MapleSea. Again.

12 thoughts on “Valentines Day with Zhlink!”

  1. Strike Noir is cheating. D: There are two suits which are illegal in competitions, one’s the Strike Noir and the other’s the Launcher Strike. But I’ll accept your challenge anytime with Destiny, either of the two Freedoms, or Force Impulse.

  2. The picture IS cute, although the upturned cardboard box looks like it’s somewhat floating in the air. . . kinda. . .


  3. Strike Noir?!?! WUT!>_> I’ll own you with Heine or Yzak’s Gouf Ignited. With my eyes CLOSED =D. <—- Tried that once already. And nice picture =D

  4. O RLY. Anyone who says Strike Noir isn’t imbalanced has never seen it in true action. We need to have an MMOT gathering, lol.

  5. Hey, Strike Noir owned my friend’s gundams! It even destroyed the Meteor Freedom with no problem!
    Bring it on!
    Oh, and Immpala, i can also go crazy with the Sword Impulse if you’re not cool with Noir.
    ShiningWings: I was meant to draw it as an upside-down cardboard box used for hiding, but I forgot to draw the background.

  6. Hmm? Well we can always trot out the Destroy Gundam. . . There’s an exploit which makes it nearly unkillable =P. Sword Impulse is fun, but I prefer Destiny, it’s got cooler melee combos. *grabs your head with it’s plasma handcannons*.

  7. There should be a online Gundam Seed Destiny: Federation VS ZAFT II PLUS. Or maybe a tourney =D. I like Gouf Ignited’s whip thing. It goes pretty far.

  8. The whip almost killed me! I was whipping missles from a gundam(I forgot which one), then I saw one reeealy fat missile. Before I realised it was a nuclear warhead. And BOOOOOM, I died.

  9. ROFL. THose are deceptively fast. I use the shield to block nukes for kicks, it’s pretty cool.

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