Maple school ch-01

8:30 am

Holden’s house.

He woke up with a start. The alarm had been ringing constantly and he thought it was about time to smash the monotonous thing.

He clambered out of bed and made his way to the toilet.

As Holden brushed his teeth,he tried to figure out what day it was. When he did find out,he felt like a bunch of bricks hit him.

“Monday.”,he mumbled.
“Bloody mondays.” He said out loud with a toothbrush in his mouth. When he spoke,he sounded like a person who had just visited the dentist. “The worst damn day in the world. After a jolly weekend,we have to wake up and go to freaking school. Monday ruined everything. Its like medusa in a soap opera. Totally unexpected and unwanted. Wretched mondays.”

After brushing his teeth,having a bath and all other normal human routines he got dressed.

He packed his bag. His bag was full of junk like swords,knifes,surfboards,snowboards and all the other unwanted junk. He was going to sell them all in the local store but he was too lazy and he didnt have too much time.

He checked how much dough he had. “2 mil”,he muttered.”Thats not even enough to buy next semester’s notebooks.”

He made his way out his door and walked to the local taxi.

He told the cabbie.” Henesys,and make it fast.”

As he got out of the taxi,he paid the cabbie 1200 mesos.

He had finally reached henesys. He checked his watch. 9:00 am. School started at 9:10 and Holden broke into a jog.

*9.90 minutes later*

He reached school and the bell rang just as he walked in.

“Just in time”,Holden thought.

He made his way to his class and sat down in the incredibly dirty chair.

As usual,he complained about the lack of cleanliness the school has to offer and droned on about how much he hated his life.

People thought he was emo.

He checked his time-table. “Mr. Rami’s class”

But the figure that walked into the stuffed room was surely not Mr. Rami or Britney spears.

It was a new guy.

“Hello everyone.” The guy said with his eyes happily closed in that phony japanese smile.

“Must be a damn asian.” Holden thought.

“My name is Mr.Cho. Nice to meet you all. Im an assassin and i am here to substitute Mr.Raimi’s class.

This gave Holden a spark of motivation. He had wanted to become an assassin himself. He was in-training and had only 4 levels to go before he could take this 2nd job advancement.

“I am your new physical training teacher,everyone”,Mr.Cho said in that awfully repetitive voice.

There were many hisses and groans in the class. Everyone hated asian teachers,and they awfully hated physical training. Freaking racist pricks.

Mr.Cho still had that phony expression on his face. He suddenly threw a kumbi at Timmy.

~Timmy had always aspired to become a fighter. If you looked at him,you would never think that he was warrior material. With Nerdy glasses and horrible teeth,he seemed fit to be a beginner all his life~

Mr.Cho had caught Timmy off guard and Timmy gasped as the kumbi flew at him. Out of instinct,he ducked quickly and the kumbi just closely missed him.

When he got back to his prostrate. Timmy yelled,” What the hell is wrong with you man?! You could have killed me!!!”

~I forgot one thing. He also had an attitude which was completely opposite to that of a nerds’. This narrating is seriously tiring OK? Why dont you come down here and try to narrate. Its hard enough not to forget anything!~

As i was saying.

Mr.Cho’s reaction? Nothing. He still gave that phony smile and uttered a few unthinkable words. “Well done.”

Holden had already enjoyed this bit. He had hated Timmy from level 10 because he had defamed him. He was actually having fun with this teacher.

During all the commotion. The intercom burst open with an announcement. ” URGENT!”,said the principal Mr.Raspy in a very raspy [duh!] voice.”THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. SOMEONE HAS SUMMONED BALROGS OUTSIDE OUR SCHOOL AND WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. UM…SCREAM IN PANIC!”

As Holden heard this ghastly announcement,he had only thing on his mind.


~To be continued~

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  2. Rawr! Asians will take over the world one day! JUST YOU WAIT!

    And, is it mre, or does anybody else think that there are too many he’s?

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