My Fatigued Life Returns!

Well, the Holidays are here.


But the teachers also wanna kill me at home with homework.

Ah, poopy.

It’s, like. Very. Tiring. For. Me.

Like that.

I feel like talking about my Non-MMO life first.

My Non-MMO Life makes a comeback!

Right, first off. I just got this new game called Gadget Trial. For those of you who has played games like Advanced Wars, this game is somewhat like it, but it’s a visual novel at the same time. Now, the military is replaced with a bioweapon thich is in every way, similar to a human. These robots, if I may call, are known as the E-series. There’re two types of E-series. The white, who have emotions, and the Black, which are programmed to follow every command.

The thing about these is that they can reproduce among themselves. Like how bacteria split into two organisms. Thus, they’re all combat ready.

You, the Millitary-Entu arse, who hates people screwin’ around, likes big explosion, Dangerous thingies, and maybe utter randomness.

I recently started playing this game called Fatal Frame. It’s sorta like this. First, you start out as this ultra super sexy d00d, Mafuyu, who decided to investigate a haunted mansion as a friend of his, a novelist ,along with his assistant and editor, is inside the mansion. All Mafuyu brings along with him is his old Camera Obsura, which has the ability to capture/seal ghosts within it.

It’s like, that thing is your only weapon, and the different types of films are your only ammo. It’s like your pistol, machinegun, shotgun and rocket launcher ammo. Sheez.

Anyways, something happens to him (Nuh uh, I’m not gonna spoil it), and after some time, his sister, Miko, starts looking for him in the mansion. It’s then she realises that this house used to partake in sacrificial rituals, the main one being the strangling ritual. Apparently, it failed, and some ghost-thingy escaped from the Gates of Hell, and controlled the sacrificed girl’s spirit.

By the way, the house is based on a real story, and so is the ritual. I’ve checked it out. T’was gruesome.

Then, there’s Fatal Frame 2: The Crimson Butterfly, where these two twins, Mio and Mayu, discover a lost village while goiong back to their childhood location. There used to be some kind of ritual held there that involded the older twin killing the younger as a sacrifice.


Not too sure if this one is real or not.

Finally, there’s Fatal Frame 3: The tormented, where Rei, a freelance photographer who lost her fiancee two months ago, spots him in a old abandoned mansion, and starts having these dreams about the Manor of Sleep, where all the photo-taking takes place. After being touched by a tatooed lady in the Manor of Sleep, she starts to notice that a tatoo is also forming on her body each time she enters the Manor of Sleep.

Also not sure if this is based on a true story, but it seems very fake.

Oh yea, I’m also playing this game called Portal, which is basically a very challenging puzzle game. You have an Portal gun, which can create two portals, both serving as an exit and entrance, to complete all 20 challenges.(19 actually, but I considered the boss fight one as well.)

Then, there was this funny video on the web as well, about portal.

*Warning, contains some foul language*

Well, I checked my receipts, and tallied the total cost I spent for all my comic within 4 months was.



*Wonders what comics did I buy*

Before the school holidays, our teachers told us that there’d be online eLearning.

I was thinking,” Lets just get it done quick.”

Turns out there’re about 9+ assignments for me to complete.

Within 4 days.

So I thought,” TUNATUGBOAT!!!”

So now, I’m currently gargling my eyes with listerine, and washing them throughly with dettol.

Well, MMO Stuff time.

Well, I went on Gunz, and I thought, Heck, Lets just shoot some people down for fun. And another little voice in my head replied,” Hell yea! Burn them all! Burn them all to the ground! BUUURRRRNNNNN!”

So I decided to log in to Gunz.

Do do ru do do doooo~

So, I went into a Mansion deathmatch map, and some stupid arse had to spoil all the fun. So, I decided to SS it, but I pressed a wrong button, and this happened.

And on and on I went, getting killed by others, letting others kill me with a mob, letting others shoot me down, letting others…

I swear Jacklina’s stalking me.

Quick someone, make a heroic leap away from a grenade!

That was utterly random.

So I went into another room, also a Mansion deathmatch. After lots of killings, I was sure I’d get alot of exp.

Looking at the scoreboard, I felt like I was feeding others more than I was killing them.

So, I got into my game face.

Damn j00.

So, after 7 good kills, I thought I’d get a good enough exp already.

He stuck his rifle in my behind!

Then, this is like:
Imma kill you, you double crosser! Stop rolling away and get back here! I already killed that Zhlon guy!

Wait, what?

What de shyt, another stalker?!?

Oh, you’re gonna get it.

In the end, I died. But I died with honour.

Yep, definately a stalker.

Anyways, there’s a new ‘gachapon’ item in Gunz, called [colour] box, when clearly it’s a gachapon ball thingy.

Guess what I got?

Two items I can never equip within 7 days.


Ah well, that’s all the time I have. I’ll leave you guys with a picture of a scene from the Moonlight Bay RP.

The Black and white version, and the Colour scan version.

I know the colour scan’s very light, but I was using a new type of pencil lead for my mech.


I’ll try to use more strength next time.

Till then, this is Zhlink, signing off!

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  1. She was like killing me not long after I respawned! Even in a mob, I was the first to die!

    They use a girl as a sacrifice by using 5 pieces of rope and ripping off her limbs and head with them, so that the ropes can be used to seal the gates of hell.
    Jebus, to think this was real.

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