So I Am a Fickle Food.

Have you ever noticed how beastin’ a word “fickle” is? It’s like, mad crazy!
First of all, who ever came up with THAT name?
Second, it rhymes with awesome words.

Like “nickel”. Nickels = Money = Shopping = AMAZING.

And “pickle” I personally don’t like pickled products, but to some of my friends, it’s all the craze. So I guess that’s +1.

Or “sickle”. You can own people with a sickle. Like, who DOESN’T want a curved blade of doom?!

And here’s another “S” word for you (No, not that one.) – sicle. As in, icicle (Yeah, I know that there’s no “s” in it. It sounds the same. Bear with me.) You can have sword fights with them if you want! Or Popsicle. Those are the win.

And finally, “tickle”. I hate being tickled, because I find it annoying and I’m not even ticklish, so to me, someone tickling me is someone invading my space. So yeah, actual tickling is FTL. But tickling = feather = YOU CAN BEAT PEOPLE WIT IT. If you’ve never seen it done, I can demonstrate.

*waves away the word fickle* By now, you may be asking, “So what makes you a fickle FOOD? And why are you a fickle ANYTHING in the first place?!” Well, I was going through some old poems from last year’s poetry unit, and I found the poem, “Fame is a Fickle Food” by Emily Dickinson. It’s about how fame comes and goes and everything. Yada yada. Well, I thought, fickle is a good word to describe the way I go back and forth between games. And food is awesome. So fickle + food = WIN!

Anyway, enough of the random, Non-MMO related stuff. Not saying that the rest of the blog isn’t random. If the first part was too random for you, you can click the back button. At least I get your blog read. x]


I was going through all the programs on my old laptop, because I was bringing it to my friend’s house. One of the first icons I saw on my desktop was FlyFF. I was like, “GASP, I USED TO LOVE THAT GAME!” I decided to download it on my new desktop. It took around 30 minutes to DL, which wasn’t bad. But it had been so long that I forgot about the 7713 or so part patch. OH DARNZ. it took around an hour. Or maybe two. Finally, when I actually got to playing the game, I realized that I forgot how to play. I couldn’t even get off my board. It was really, really confuzzling. Needless to say, I deleted FlyFF about 20 minutes later.


Yesterday, I was totally bored. Browsing the net got really boring, and I didn’t want to go earn gold on Gaia. So, I decided to try my hand at Maple Story. I had temp-quit one or two months before, because it was so amazingly boring in Khaini. So far, my only experiences in Khaini were mean KS-ing butts (not that everyone is mean), and a crazy amount of random smegas. That was, essentially, it. Not even friends. Except for my bestest friend, but even then, I didn’t see him that much.

When I went back to Khaini yesterday, nothing much had changed. I got bored after getting around 5%, and logged off.

Then, today, I was back on Khaini, determined to get my level 35 Cleric to level 36. After getting to 50%, I opened up my inven to find 1.4m. YAY! I was trying to figure out what equips I should buy with that money when I remembered that in Bera, I still owed my best Maple friend 70k. . . from a year ago. SNAP!

So I logged on LacusDestiny, mustered up all my remaining money/equips that I didn’t give away to my friend Stephie,and whispered Amela (the one I owed) . We got into a huge conversation, cause I didn’t see her in a year, and she ended up telling me to keep the money. I was like, “it’s just sitting around in a server I’m not in.” And then I thought, Bera is so much more awesome than Khaini. (No offense to you Khaini players, just my personal opinion.) I decided right then, I’ll be back in Bera. I started a new character, aiming to be a cleric (like in Khaini) because I don’t really want to play my Xbow anymore. I’ve gotten to level 14 on my new mage, Yuffenia, and I’m gonna aim for 35 in one week (just like I did in Khaini) and level 50 in 2. Can I pull it off? IDK.


A month or so ago, my best friend got me back into Gaia. I had an account a while ago, but I got hacked and quit. Then, I made another account 3-4 months ago, but found out that the staff had disabled gold earning in Word Bump, and quit. I WAS HEARTBROKEN, WHAT ELSE COULD I DO?!?!? *ahem* Anyway, I’m back in the game! I am a crazy word bumper and jigsaw solver, and have gotten around 150k in a month. Not too bad. Considering my best friend got that in like, 10 months. She’s always like, ‘what HOW DO YOU GET SO MUCH?!?!?!’ but she knows it’s because I pwn her face in Word Bump.

My IGN is Yuffenia, so if you wanna check out my prof there or whatever yays for j00.

My hands are getting really tired from typing, and I bet it’s uber long. I bet a bunch of people don’t want to read this.

BUT THAT’S OKAY! Drop a comment, press “I like” or click the back button if you’re too lazy to do any of the previously mentioned. Like I said before, I still get the page view! >w<


And there’s a playlist for you to listen to. x] My best friend says that KoRn is scary. I think they’re beastin’. And she’s afraid of MCR’s music videos because of the people’s “eye paint”. She says they look like this: O_O x]

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot. Here’s another poem I recently wrote. We were given the task of mirroring the rhyming pattern “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou. I normally dislike mirroring other people’s works, but I liked how this one came out.

WARNING: It’s sad. – Yes, that’s the entire warning. I have nothing more to say.

Thrown Into the Sea

The memories of you and me
Weren’t what they were meant to be
You’ve thrown it all into the sea
All the good times in the past
Wouldn’t ever be able to last
When you’ve thrown them into the sea.
The caring words you used to say
Are painfully absent these recent days
You’ve thrown them all into the sea.
We used to be able to talk for hours
But now, over us the silence towers
You’ve thrown it all into the sea.
You won’t be crying in the night
When we get into another fight
And when I turn and walk away
You won’t be trying to make me stay
We both know that it is done
The dark times have finally won
We know we can’t turn back the time
And in the end, we’re in a bind
It’s all been thrown into the sea.
I wish that we could just go back
For a future is what we lack
You’ve thrown it away into the sea.
I can barely look at you now
Since I always begin to wonder how
You could throw it all into the sea.
It never fails to kill me inside
The way you cannot tell me why
You’ve let go of what we shared
And if you ever cared
That you’ve thrown it all into the sea.
I thought I heard you call my name
But that was wishful thinking
All the care you’ve had for me
Has been slowly sinking.
I wonder if you regret
What you’ve thrown away
But that is what I’ll never know
For you will never say.
You’ve thrown it all into the sea
The sea
Into the sea
You’ve thrown it all into the sea.
– YUFFIE FAYE (I’d put my real name here, but that’d be bad. x])

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  1. Hahaha! Showing your real name was your demise! GOOGLE FTW!



    I found nothing . . .

  2. *takes a listen at your playlist* Oh hey, you have some errors in your playlist. o_O

    As for FlyFF, I decided I didn’t really want to go back to it after I saw that they had made a version ELEVEN. >.> Nothing much I have there, and all my good FlyFF friends are nowhere in sight anyway. -.-

  3. Yuffie Faye isn’t my real name, you two. @=@

    Errors, gasp. Eh, I’ll fix it later.

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