New guild…

So I just started my new guild, Blue Moon. I don’t know what on earth possessed me to name it that, Nor do I have any inklings as to why I would go and Blow 6.5Mil on it. When I think about it I am really unhappy with the name, It is a Good beer, it is a good activity of celestial bodies. It however is NOT an appealing guild name to me. I might have to disband once I think of something better, And make another six and a half million… I like to lead things and I like to be in charge, I just hope that it works out for me in the end. Because as it is now I am strangely depressed now… I wish I had a better name, But all the good ones are taken this late in the game.

More blogging about this later… Seriously, I have to.

Oh and I would not mind so much if they had a moon emblem… instead of the bingo dot i am using.

3 thoughts on “New guild…”

  1. Take out the dictionary it’s like the best source. That’s how I got my guild name: Oasis.


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