I won’t say it’s supersailerriffic.

Right, it’s been a rather long period of time since I wrote a blog, not that anyone cares or anything, but I finally found enough time to game abit and start blogging. Huzzah for me.

Right, on with MMO.

Well, I went and reinstalled Gunz(For the what, 2nd time repeatedly?) and friends at school issued me challenges. What could go wrong, you ask. And I ask.


Actually, I shouldn’t say that, cause it sometimes backfires and ends up going wrong.

It did.

So lately, Gunz has some new shotguns in it, and my friend, who oh so coincidently happened to be level 60+, has the shotguns, is good at switch-shotting and is WAAAAAY better than me, challenged me.

Oh, what were the odds.

Well, it was easier to beat him last time, cause he was usin’ an avenger. An Avenger is GODLY strong, but only has two rounds. So, just dodge 4 shots(2 from the other), and start spamming away anything at him. Rifles, Revolvers, Rockets, Fishcakes, Bee Hoon…

Yea, now with the new shotguns, there’s moar Ammo to fill your opponents with! Let’s interview one of our victims to find out more.

Victim #1: Lead actually tastes pretty good.
Victim #2: Even though I lost an arm, I can’t feel my legs, and my guts are flowing out, It tastes so good!
Victim #3: Either I’m taking a dump right now, fliriting with girls, or my brains got spilled out. Please leave a message after the tone.



So yea, I got owned pretty bad.


Oh yea, a few days ago, a friend showed me this video, since all these private servers popping up and all.


Ah, you gotta love it.


It’s basically a Maple Pvp, for those who didn’t believe this link and didn’t watch it.

Right, so on with non-MMO stuffs.


Right, so I had reeeeal bad luck with a comic contest. As in, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bad luck. you may think it’s nothing, but I’ll have to explain this to you by doing, everybody’s favourite, singing the pokeymon song.

: D

Pokeymon, it’s you a-

Wait, what’m I talking about?

I mean flashback!

3 and a half months back.

*3 and a half months ago*

Y.W: Hey Jz.
Me: ??
Y.W: *Hands over a small information slip*
Me: …

I’ll show what it contained here:http://dejicomi.77-star.com/index.html

It was the 17th of March when I reveived this information, that meant that I had 34 days for to draw a 31 page, one-shot manga for:


Nyess, for..


You think: Bah, 34 days, more than enough.


The teachers kept bombarding us with homework (Midyear papers, D’oh.), Our teacehrs kept holding remedial classes, and my parents also bombarded me with assignments as well. Thus, I had no time to even draw it at home. Thankfully, I managed to draw out the plan at school. But, it was only during the last 4 days that I finally found enough time, but even staying awake for 4 days straight wasn’t good enough! So, I had to make my work simplified, and I managed to hand it in, but it, in my opinion, stunk.

That’s why I keep practicing and draw more one-shots, in case another chance like this comes again.

So, here’s a character in one of my one shots, Echoes.

Oh, and if Ezyan’s reading this, I wanna say, I always keep my promise.

Yep, she asked me to draw her character from the Paper Hell RP site. And after possibly a year or so later, I did it.

Well, I didn’t finish it in time, but I DID finish it in time, so..


Look over there, it’s Warrent Buffet!

*Punches you while you looked away*

Oh, you’re awake again. Cool.

There was another embarrasing event that happened. A few days ago, I was at a English Seminar Talk that my teacher organised for my class, and halfway there I got a call from a “Private number”.

Me: Hello?
Unknown person on the other end: Hello? (In an extremely girlish tone)
Unknown person on- Bah, I’m sick of writing so much: Do you have a sister?
Me: (What’s up with this person?) No.
I demand a higher paycheck for this: Do.. you play maplestory?
Me: (Definately the wrong number. Couldn’t bother anyways.) No. I think you’ve got the wrong number.

15 minutes later…
(Back in the hall where the seminar is going on)Me: Wait, could that possibly be.
*Starts bashing head on clear plastic file, while people beside me freak out*

4 minutes later…
Unknown person: Hello?
Eona: Uh, yes.

I actually thought that she was calling the wrong number or some dumb kid pranking me.(Hey, you never know.)

And after that, people started asking me if I was talking to my girlfriend (Since I had dashed out of the hall each time to answer those two calls from Eona).


Well, this is Zhlink, signing off.

The same unknown person:

13 thoughts on “I won’t say it’s supersailerriffic.”

  1. lolololololol.

    Zhlink is in lurve.

    Eona and Zhlink sittin’ in a tree,

    P-L-A-Y-I-N-G (MapleStory)


  2. I remember that Shonen Jump thing, it’s for newbie manga artists? :3

  3. LAWLS.

    Just don’t let her see that you called her voice girly. :3

    I guess it would have been easier for you if Eona actually remembered your name. She mixed you and Zirl up.

  4. No seriously, her voice sounded WAAAY different than what I perceived of her.
    And you can tell her to call me J.Z. Nyesss. Jay-Zee. Jay-Z. J-Zee. Any one.
    And nyess Shining, it’s for ‘newbies’ as you call me. That was typically my first manga I ever drew.

  5. She looks waaay different from what anyone perceives of her too, I suspect. ^^; But Eona’s just a cute schmuffy nubcake deep inside, so don’t mind her bite.

    *runs for dear life*

  6. Well hello there, Zhlink honey.

    Well well well, what do you know. I came online to laugh at someone, then decided to read your newest blog, then realised I was MENTIONED! Then I realised you’d DRAWN MY CHARACTER! Then I did some hyperventilating, squeed to Dez about how you drew my character, did some more hyperventilating, checked it out, DIED FROM TEH AWSM, and did some more squeeing! And that about sums up my last five minutes. It is FAN-UCKING-TASTIC. 8D So yeah, much love for you! <3

    By the way, I’m surprised you remembered; I didn’t. I’LL SAVE IT AND LOOK AT IT FOREVER AND TREASURE IT FOREVER AND EVER IN MY HEART~

    Btw not to sound like a stalker or anything but do you have MSN? *will add you if you do*


  7. Wow. Erm. Thanks. I thought you’d remember and be like:
    Omg, it’s been 2+years since I made that request and he still hasen’t done it.
    And I thought I could have done better on that picture as well.

  8. No way, you captured Ez perfectly. Down to the cheesy grin and pose. XD *pats you on the head*

    And lol are you serious, more than 2 years? D; How time flies.


  9. SilverFx said: “LAWLS.

    Just don’t let her see that you called her voice girly. :3

    I guess it would have been easier for you if Eona actually remembered your name. She mixed you and Zirl up.

    If Zirl wasnt the 1 that rote the blog,who’s the You in your sentence? 0_o

  10. ,
    Wha, ?
    I’m confused.
    Just call me J.Z. Jay Zee. J-Zee. Jay– yea, you get it.
    Oh, I think I get it. Zirl=Z-Girl, right? That’s Zhlon. I’m Zhlink. Just call us by our initials. Yea.

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