Another SMS day.

Just another day in SMS tbh :3
levelled Acronym a bit, and same with Synonym
Was waiting for Jaz to come on O:
Been 2 days since she’s been on T-T

Oh, i suppose i should introduce myself.
I’m James, i play SMS
I can’t really think of much more to say tbh
Feel free to add my characters if you wanna chat :3

Oh, i’m a smiley fanatic if you hadn’t guessed

7 thoughts on “Another SMS day.”

  1. I’ll add you if I ever get this crap working T.T;

    The site isn’t letting me make an account, which is very un-epic.

  2. Lol, smiley fanatic!
    Lol, and I’m an exclamation mark fanatic!
    You should see my blogs though, exclamation mark in every sentence! ! !

  3. I’m sorrrrrrry. SMS was being a pain. But I’ll be on today! T.T


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