When your guild wont listen

Have you ever been in a guild that nobody but the leader will talk to you? Doesn’t it get annoying? Cause that’s where I am right now, part of the guild AsnSocity, and noone but the leader will say a word to me. The only time someone in the guild actually spoke to me was when I was selling him something, and he was massively rude. (will continue later with more detail, stay tuned.)

3 thoughts on “When your guild wont listen”

  1. Yeah, I never found myself in the right guild before I decided to make mine.

    It’s not you, it’s them. They’re just too self-obsessed to care and are in the guild just to have the title of being in the guild (from what I’ve experienced).

    I find that if someone is kind of an outcast in a guild, it’s unacceptable and people need to make an effort. For example, if someone in my guild felt left out and I noticed or if they said something, while they’re online I’d make it clear to a point that I’m addressing them. If one person does it enough, everyone starts to take notice and you become a true member of the guild.

    However, if you talk to your leader and it doesn’t help, maybe you just need to get a new guild? :/

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