Gather Round

Ehh, as someone in MMOT once said, there IS a place for all unrelated topics. It’s called MapleStory General.
Anyways, I typed up a story for school and I got a pretty good grade on it. Comment pl0x!
Broken Images

She was asleep. Well, not very asleep, but she was as close as she usually got. The red shadow would brush as her eyelids grew heavy, until she could feel it like a soft cloth, blurring her reality. It was like she was an observer in someone else’s body. The red cloth would grow damp and heavy, and she would lose control over her senses and her body. Sometimes, Clara would realize that she was prisoner in her own body, and then, the nightmare would begin. She would struggle to take control over her body while she did the strangest things, sometimes, she would walk through a clothes store and shop. Other times she would just sit there. All she knew was that when she woke up, she would have nothing but broken images of her sleep. The doctors called it narcolepsy, saying that there was no cure for it except for intensive therapy and medication to control it. She knew it as the thing that had given her such a shattered piece of reality.

Now, she was on a bus to the therapist’s office for another session of therapy where she would be given stimulants and be subject to those flashing lights.

“Those horrible flashing lights,” she always thought, shuddering. The doctor called them strobe variation lights, saying they would stimulate her nerves and the areas of her brain that wouldn’t fall asleep, just wouldn’t rest. But it was a nightmare, sitting in that chamber, those lights circling Clara, leaving her trapped. The stimulants were better, but not by much. They were medications that woud keep her awake and allow her to have emotions having the red cloth fall over her head. Once, she was given surgery to her brain to inject hypocretin and orexin to control her seep patterns, but it turned out her body rejected it.

She had to ride on the bus, even though she hated public transportation, for three hours to the therapist’s office, and then three hours back. She couldn’t drive, as she never knew when the red cloth would fall over her head. Clara was sitting, absent-mindedly gazing out the window, when the cloth crept from the top of her vision, and her eyelids felt heavy. Her vision blurred, and for two hours, though she didn’t know it, she sat there, in the back of the bus, her eyes half-closed.

“End of the line!” The bus driver hit the brakes, causing the only passenger in his bus to jolt forward and sprawl onto the aisle. Clara was shocked. Did she fall asleep again? She gathered her things and walked out of the bus. She was in a town of some sorts, filled with alleys and boxes on the streets, and the sky was a mixture of gray and dark blue. As she stepped forward, the bus behind her drove away. Clara was trapped in this town she didn’t know. She wandered into an alleyway, were a large shadow and a padding of paws through water kept her nervous.. There were puddles everywhere and she swore she saw a couple of shadows of humans behind the corner, but when she got there, there was nothing but a trash can with the ashes from a fire there. A can fell over behind her with a loud clang.

Clara spun around on her heels. There, on fours beside a fallen can, was the largest, wildest and evilest looking rat she had ever seen. It crouched, looking ready to attack the terrified Clara, when an orange blur tackled the rodent. After a moment of hissing, the noise stopped behind the corner. Clara stepped nervously around the corner and saw the rat dangling from an large, orange cat’s mouth. The cat spit aside the rat as if it was to unclean to eat, and that it had only killed the rat to save Clara.

Clara stepped forward nervously and crouched down to look at the cat at eye level. It had dirty, unkempt fur. There was a collar hanging off its neck, but the characters on it had already worn off by now. It eyed Clara with a wary eye. Clara finally spoke.

“You were that thing that I was hearing when I walked through the alley, right?” The cat shifted its head down slightly, as if to nod.

“Thanks for saving me from that giant rat,” Clara spoke again. Another nod.

“Are you hungry? You look hungry.” Clara rummaged through her bag and found a large tuna salad sandwich that she had bought at a deli to eat for a snack, but she had no appetite now. She peeled off the plastic covering and laid it on the ground gently. The narcoleptic backed away slightly, to show the cat that it was his. She decided that it was a male cat, since it was large and it resembled a cat she had owned in her childhood.

The cat sniffed it gingerly and then took a nibble, and afterwards, a giant bite. After a minute of chewing, it swallowed. It looked like the cat hadn’t chewed anything in a while, as it winced with every bite. Ten, or was it twenty, minutes later, the cat finished the sandwich.

Two broad lights shone behind her back. She turned around, and the cat tensed, ready to jump away. Two men, the therapist and his helper, looked at her.

“There you are, Clara! We were worried, since you didn’t come to the office today! It was lucky we could find you. This is the most dangerous part of the city, after all. Come along to the car now, we need to give you your treatment. Don’t worry about riding the buses, they’re closed, so my assistant will drive you home.”

Clara turned around and looked the cat in the eyes. It was standing very still, with unblinking eyes.

“Almost as if it can understand us,” Clara realized. The cat had bitten off its collar and tossed it at Clara’s feet.

Well? Its expression said.

“Clara! Hurry along now, it’s getting dark!” The therapist called back.

Clara stared at the cat and at its orange fur, knowing expression, and those always watching eyes. It stood there for a few brief moments. Clara stepped forward and scooped the cat into her arms, before following the therapist.

Eh, it’s related to MMOs because. . . Maplestory has cats in it? And the characters have no control over what they do (You control them) so they’re narcoleptic?


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