I’m not racist

Maple Related Section:
Well I recently got to lvl 87 on my Chief Bandit. FYI I went BoT first and I do not regret it. I get to rape mobs while other Chiefs my lvl have to take them down one by one with a slow attack.
My current build is-
30 BoT
3 ME
13 Assaulter
2 MG
1 PP

Thanks to a few of my friends I have soloed pap on several occasions. Although it takes a long time. Without them I wouldn’t be able to. (Hyper body, Bless and constant healing.)

Rant Section:
Well, first of all I’m not racist. Just because I refer to people as black doesn’t mean I’m racist. I treat black people equally. They call me white, or hispanic. They deserve the same. Just because their ancestors were treated badly does not make them special. We are all equal. I will treat you the same way you treat me. Go ahead flame me. I will use the word nigger as long as I hear the word cracker, beaner, wetback, redneck and any other racial slurr. Just because almost all the white population used nigger for several years as a way to discriminate against you does not mean that the N-word is any more offensive than the other racial slurs. Flame me, suspend me, mute me. Do whatever you think you should do but no one will ever change my mind. Everyone is equal and you don’t deserve special treatment.

I’m not racist.

15 thoughts on “I’m not racist”

  1. He blames the midget Jews for everything. D:

    Someone called him a racist pig one time and he said that he took pig as an insult. ._.

  2. Wow o_o;

    Well that’s interesting.

    Do you have any clue if I can delete this account after my posting restriction is gone!? D:

    I miss Vicelin T_T

  3. Don’t BS yourself

    you’re racist

    i’m sick of ignorant people bringing up stupid excuses and justifications for them to use the N-word, kay?

    And right now it’s 3 am where i live i’m not going to argue with you, you ignorant asshat

    GTFO our site, because this isn’t even an MMO blog anyway

    it’s a rant about a completely irrelevant subject

    Thanks for pissing me off

  4. ZOMG! Get the fire extinguisher! He’s going to burn! I don’t like my waffles burnt! I like it golden crispy!

  5. Vicelynn said: “Woo~ Waffle is on FAYAH!

    At least you dont have a post restriction >_>;”

    Yeah i just saw

    You probably triggered the autoban

    I once got banned for calling shatred the first four letters of her name

    turns out the s-word has a past tense (who knew)

    the autoban is all sorts of screwy

    Edit: and i’ll come after any MMOTalers that dare like this FAIL in the form of a blog

    I’m sick of people using the net’s anonimity to discriminate against others

    this guy is one of the worst types of racists

    one that doesn’t even know he is

    Lemme tell you something FAILure blog creator

    As a black person i’m discriminated against for NO REASON

    that’s right

    the same way there’s a small percentage of black people that make us all look bad

    there’s a small percentage of white people that make you all look bad AKA racists

    You fall into that category

    how old are you Blog creator?

    you have to be 13 or younger because you have a immature view of life

    i hope you like being called a “cracker”, because guess what

    you’re not proving anything by using the N-word

    as a matter of fact, you’re perpetuating the freakin’ cycle

    GG, you’ve became one of the people you hate

    and i guarantee you’ll have another wack argument because you’re a racist and you never understand

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