The Omitted – A Poem

Why had my blog been deleted? Maybe for lack of being MMO-related? Maybe for mentioning a now-forbidden topic? Maybe the Capt thought it junk? (Hope not.) Whichever, I am once again putting what you are looking at onto the Recent Blog tab and I hope I have gotten rid of the incriminating element.

I am now going to attempt to type out a poem without the 19th letter of the alphabet (for the motive of fun only, not due to any kind of forum glitch ).

The Omitted

Once there lived an order
Of Mapling women and men.
They were on the fuzzy border
Between the now and then.

They had an alphabet tighter
Than the one we write with now;
For it were one letter lighter
It omit that letter. How?

Although they made their plural
By adding The Forbidden,
They worked around it with their neural (okay, I utilized RhymeZone on that one -_-)
That we all have in our head hidden.

And though they couldn’t find a way
To replace the ‘now’ verb form,
They burned many an hour every day
Deviating from the norm.

And while they continued Mapling
They talked without The Letter
For they thought it fun and challenging
And it made their vocab better.


In Maple I have looked upon much guild drama. Kennethjay, the leader of my old guild [Japan food of C-weed and rice]Rox announced to buddy chat that he “won’t try anymore”. Lately a lot of people have defected to Accuracy and another guild which I cannot name. Additionally, not too long ago, an unknown entity had kicked everyone from the guild except the people with the rank of Jr, and I believe that even now there are probably people who didn’t know what happened or didn’t come back. More probably happened in guild that I don’t know of.

Oh and the week before current, I watched Marlne (my current guild leader) break a lvl 100 bowman footwear and a 5 dex 3 upgrade-left earring, both quite valuable I believe that to be the explanation for why we haven’t expanded.


The preceding blog 100% free of the forbidden letter. Now comment without typing it

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  1. Okay. I will comment without typing the forbidden letter. Hey! Look at me! I did it! Oh my gosh!

    Oops. Too bad for me.

  2. RussetAure said: “

    Ganzicus said: “HAX!

    Nah. Google cache.”

    Noo, I meant the awesomeness of the poem.

  3. Ganzicus said: “

    RussetAure said: “

    Ganzicus said: “HAX!

    Nah. Google cache.”

    Noo, I meant the awe(s)omene(ss) of the poem.

    But ty, lol.

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