The ‘X’ is Not a Decoration!

Hey guys.

I felt like posting a blog today, for some reason. I hope it entertains you guys.


I haven’t logged on for a while, but I think I might play this weekend. Hopefully there’s an empty Sakura Cellion map. If there is, I’m stamping my name on it!

I also hope to change my other characters’ hair and eyes. Tozozoku (Bandit) maybe will get a hair change, and Kageguntai (Ice/Lightning Magician) with have his eye colour changed.

Noryoku will stay the same. I like the way he is. Although, I might revive Sabu for him. (pet White Tiger)


I haven’t played this either. I want to, but I hate patching it, and the community is kinda…bleh.
I really like the gameplay and graphics though…And I like all the classes.


I’ve been playing this the most. I really like it except for the aging system, although it suits the game.
I got a wolf recently, and I named him after my MapleStory Spearman, Noryoku.

I figured out that your summon time gets reset everyday. Also, it doesn’t look like your pet ages (it might, I don’t know.) and/or needs to be revived like in Maple. I like that personally, although you can only play as/summon your pet for a little more than an hour and a half depending on the pet. (As a side note, I also happen to like the word ‘although’ and I also enjoy using parenthesis frequently while writing.)

This isn’t exactly game related, but I’d like to say it anyway.

My named is Xwolf Okami. (Although you probably knew that, I mean, I am the author after all; not exactly new to MMOT either.)

But the thing is, most people ignore the ‘X’ and think my name is “wolf” or “Wolf”.

The X is actually pronounced. So it’s “EX-WOLF”.

I know ‘x’ has been used for decorating names on the internet for a long time, but it bothers me when people think the ‘x’ in my name is just another decoration or because I needed something to get that username.

I guess it also applies with numbers. Someone may have an important number in their name, while the rest all pass it off as just another number because they think that person just wants be “coolawesomeninjapirate25436456” or something crazy like that. But if that’s your thing, then…uhh….that’s your thing I guess. I’m just saying we shouldn’t all be lumped together. (Not that name decor or numbers are a bad thing.)

Uhh… so here’s the end of my boring blog of unawesomeness filled with ‘although’, parenthesis and quotations, as well as rehashes from my previous blog.

Until next time!

-Xwolf Okami

EDIT: Come on guys…you can comment….and pretend to like this blog…Don’t make me feel so lonely. T.T

7 thoughts on “The ‘X’ is Not a Decoration!”

  1. What happened to the Trickster community? o.O

    When I was playing, people I don’t even know start chatting to me, giving me guides, money, everything.

    Which server d’you play on Trickster?

    And for Mabinogi, do you mean you that you can change into the pet itself?

    (makes you not lonely o.O)

  2. Yay! An entertainment slav-

    I mean, a friend!

    I play on Jewelia server for Trickster. Also, it could be I just have no luck making online friends.

    As for Mabinogi, you can play as the pet but it doesn’t give you full abilities as when you play as a human. (Can’t talk to NPCs, small inventory, no bank, can only play for 9x minutes) Or you can summon it to play along side your human character.

    Thanks for making me not lonely anymore, Guosim.

  3. Lol, I use a ton of parenthesiseseses, A TON!
    I sometimes layer them and stack them on top of eachother like legos!

    Lol, haven’t you already told us about your name?

    ~LaZzz. . .

  4. Actually, I think I did. Hence why I put “. . .as well as rehashes from my previous blogs”.

    Stacking parenthesis sounds like fun. We should play Parenthelegos ™ together sometimes.

    We should also get it officially trademarked and copyrighted and on the market and stuff.

  5. ZOH MY GOSH, trickster! C: you should play again, I’m playing in the jewelia server, pearl island! D:< guo’s playing too! C;


  6. EDIT (also, sorry for double post): scratch what I said about you should play again! I meant, you should PLAY! :3

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