The Road Forth 2

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Ch. 2- I need a weapon

I found myself standing in front of a weapon shop. After checking out of Lith Hospital, I was given a bag that was found next to me when I was on Florina Beach. There was a small amount of money and some moderately rare items, along with some baggage that was usually the baggage of adventurers. While strolling down the streets, I kept thinking there was a weapon on me. It was like an instinct for me. I thought there was a mysterious presence around the corner, so I reached for a sword. When my hand grasped nothing, I knew I had to somehow make the instinct work out for me.

So now I was standing in front of a weapon shop.

The interior was dank and musky. It was cluttered with all sorts of strange items. When I walked to about the third aisle, I found a sword standing all by its lonesome. It looked old and overused to me, but I felt I needed to investigate closer. When I picked it up, I could see that the sheath was cracking and the paint on the handle was peeling off. Then, I turned it to look at it in the light, and as if by magic, suddenly the sheath was beautifully ornate and the handle was made of fine bronze with a tough cloth intertwining around it, forming a grip. There was a golden sword guard coming out of what I took to be the front and another coming out of the back. It looked like a perfect sword.

I drew the sword. The blade was chipped, and the metal was cracking. I drew it out gingerly, careful not to break it. Then, it became a strong, durable, sharp blade with not a blemish on it.

“Ahhh. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone with the touch to repair that sword. If you want it, you may have it. I feel it’s in better hands with you, anyways.” An old man with a hood draped over him was behind me. I looked at the sword. To his request, I wasn’t about to complain.

I walked out of the store and attached the sheath to my belt. I was set to leave.