Video madness!

Haha,so Basil’s been having a lot of fun lately. You get to make introduction videos about yourself stating 5 facts. I made one too for teh lulz

So yeah,watch that. And yeah,that’s me . And go to basil if you want to participate.

So on Maple news. I quit.

Well,don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming,I gave you a good warning in my last blog.

Well,to be honest,Maple sucks. No,it’s not the community,the people,Nexon or anything. It’s the game itself. Waste of time.

I have a lot of studies to do this year. Learning learning learning. So that’s one of the main reasons I quit.

Anyways,gratz to another million people who reached Lvl 200.

Why doesn’t Nexon put a really catchy phrase when they get to 200

For example,”You are now lvl 200. Life was calling. Where the bloody hell were you?”

And the Lvl 200 would have been like, “Damn it,they’re right” LOLOLOLOLOL

So yup. I quit. Giving my stuff to some friends and my account to another friend. Hmm,she’ll take good care of it I’m sure.

So…I heard Brazil MS is going to come out. People are really flippin’ out about it. Cmon,what’s so bad about it?

You get to play with your own country mates. That’s cool right? Not that you should be playing this 2-d game at your age, PEDO!

So yeah,I just called 100 million people PEDOS excluding the 8 year old noobs that beg for money and say “Isrel?”

So…make a video if you want. You won’t be alone.

-The pedobear is waiting for your videos-

And one more thing,let me share an incident that happened today.

“I was bored of being home and had decided to go cycling for a while. So I went out of my apartment and got my cycle.

I started cycling and I went into this huge road that is near my house. The weather was overcast and looked very beautiful in that street because there were many tall trees. So I cycled for a while and took a turn into a smaller street just for fun.

When I went inside the street,many people were playing cricket and just sitting there talking about their daily life. So I stopped my bicycle and just stood there,watching them play cricket.

By now,the skies were a little more darker and there were tiny droplets falling.

After a while,it started drizzling and then it burst into a full-fledged downpour. I took cover in a tree for about 10 minutes while the people had stopped playing cricket and were discussing how the match had gone.

So I just stood there for a while on my bicycle.

After a while,I decided to “not care” about the downpour and started cycling again.

I was cycling very fast now heading home. And as I was cycling fast,I thought. I thought about how this moment would never come again and I should cherish it. So I cycled a little slower and stuck my tongue out,enjoying the rain.

When I reached home,completely drenched and with an extremely fun but wacky hairstyle, I didn’t regret myself going outside one bit. I loved the moment.

Just thought I’d share this with you guys. Rain is completely beautiful. Varun in Hindu Mythology means “Rain god”

See ya!


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  1. For example,”You are now lvl 200. Life was calling. Where the bloody hell were you?”


  2. Interesting blog and video, heh. And I liked the last bit about the rain and your nick.

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